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The Guild of American Luthiers is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational membership organization whose purpose is to facilitate learning about the art, craft, and science of lutherie. Membership in the Guild is open to everyone.

Started by a group of budding craftsmen in 1972, the Guild of American Luthiers has grown to become a driving force in the current “Golden Age” of lutherie through its constant commitment to a free exchange of information among luthiers of all areas and experience levels. Makers and repairers of guitars of all types, mandolins, violins, lutes, and other stringed instruments have found in the Guild’s publications and meetings a place to share their expertise and developing techniques, and to learn from the experience, successes, and trials of others in the field. In forty years we have published over a hundred journals, nine books, and dozens of instrument plans. Thousands of members and hundreds of authors and presenters, including many of the world’s foremost luthiers, have supported the Guild’s free exchange of information and created a culture of openness that has helped advance the craft to the incredibly high level we see today. The Guild (GAL) is supported solely through membership dues, sales of its publications, and donations (donations are tax deductible). Our membership includes over 3,700 craftspeople, interested people, and lutherie suppliers in the USA and 40 other countries.

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Questions about orders or membership contact Kurt: kurt (at) luth.org
Change of address or email contact Bon: bon (at) luth.org
Editorial contact Tim: tim (at) luth.org
American Lutherie display advertising contact Deb: galdo (at) luth.org
Website contact Dale: dale (at) luth.org
Convention questions contact Deb: galdo (at) luth.org
Wholesale book orders contact Dale: dale (at) luth.org

If you are interested in starting out in lutherie, see the first few questions on our FAQ  (Frequently Asked Question) page.

Unfortunately, we cannot individually answer your specific lutherie-related questions or give instruction or help over the phone. If you have a question of general interest to our members, we may include it in the Questions Column in American Lutherie magazine, so you may see it answered there. (Be sure to see our FAQ first). Send such questions to our Questions Column editor: questions"at"luth.org (replace "at" with @)

Guild of American Luthiers
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