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Current as of January 1, 2009

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Publications Included In This Document

American Lutherie magazine, #1 – #100 (1985 – 2009). All AL issues are abstracted here so that this document can serve as an index of your complete collection, but please note that American Lutherie #1 – #48 are out of print. AL#1 – #12 have been superceded by The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume One. AL#13 – 24 have been superceded by The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Two. AL#25 – 36 have been superceded by The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Three. AL#37 – 48 have been superceded by The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Four. AL#49 – 60 have been superceded by The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Five. In the abstracts below, a reference to, for example, American Lutherie #10, page 47 would be abbreviated thusly: AL#10 p.47
Lutherie Tools, a 128-page hardback book published in 1990. Lutherie Tools is a compilation of GAL material on the subject of tools published before 1985, plus some new material. None of the material in Lutherie Tools is available in American Lutherie back issues. In the abstracts below, a reference to, for example, Lutherie Tools, page 55 would be abbreviated thusly: LT p.55
Lutherie Woods and Steel String Guitars (out of print), a 156-page hardback book published in 1997. Lutherie Woods is a compilation of GAL material published before 1985, plus some new material. None of the material in Lutherie Woods is available in American Lutherie back issues. In the abstracts below, a reference to, for example, Lutherie Woods, page 44 would be abbreviated thusly: LW p.44
The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume One, a 500-page hardback book published in 1999. The Big Red Book One is a compilation of American Lutherie magazine, #1 – 12 (1985 – 1987). It also contains a considerable amount of GAL material published before 1985. In the abstracts below, a reference to, for example, The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume One, page 401 would be abbreviated thusly: BRB1 p.401
The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Two, a 500-page hardback book published in 2000. The Big Red Book Two is a compilation of American Lutherie magazine, #13 – 24 (1988 – 1990). It also contains a considerable amount of GAL material published before 1985. In the abstracts below, a reference to, for example, The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Two, page 447 would be abbreviated thusly: BRB2 p.447
Historical Lute Construction by Robert Lundberg, a 280-page hardback book published in 2002, contains all of the material of Mr. Lundberg’s series which ran in 19 episodes between American Lutherie #12 and #38. Specific book pages are not referenced in the abstracts, as the material was somewhat reorganized for the book, as well as being indexed, outlined, and supplimented with appendices.
The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Three, a 500-page hardback book published in 2004. The Big Red Book Three is a compilation of American Lutherie magazine, #25 – 36 (1991 – 1993). In the abstracts below, a reference to, for example, The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Three, page 403 would be abbreviated thusly: BRB3 p.403
The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Four, a 500-page hardback book published in 2006. The Big Red Book Four is a compilation of American Lutherie magazine, #37 – 48 (1994 – 1996). In the abstracts below, a reference to, for example, The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Four, page 404 would be abbreviated thusly: BRB4 p.404
The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Five, a 500-page hardback book published in 2008. The Big Red Book Five is a compilation of American Lutherie magazine, #49 – 60 (1997 – 1999). In the abstracts below, a reference to, for example, The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume Five, page 405 would be abbreviated thusly: BRB5 p.405

Search Strategies

This document contains a listing of all current GAL publications, including title, author, keywords, and a short abstract of each article.By using the “find” or “search” capabilities of your word processor, you should be able to locate any word, phrase, or character string that appears in this document. Although you can go ahead and search for any word or name, your searches will be quicker and more fruitful if you bear in mind the tools we have attempted to provide for you.

Below you will find a list of keywords. Each article listed in this document has been assigned a few keywords, indicating the main thrust of that article. Keywords are identified by backslashes to set them apart from words appearing in a title or abstract. Only the keywords on the following list are operative. Find the appropriate keyword on the list, then search for that exact character string. Searching for the keywords, along with their backslashes, will enable you to go directly to articles that have the most information on that topic. By thoughtfully using backslashes and spaces, you will be able to control the width of your search.

(Note: In the following examples, the underscore character (_) is used to indicate a space. You would enter a space in your search dialog, not an underscore. It is used only to make the space visible for purposes of this explanation.)

For example, if you search for the keywords


you will find only those articles which focus largely on the topic of archtop guitar. If, however, you search for the keyword


your search widens out to include occurrences of the keywords \guitar\archtop, \guitar\baroque, \guitar\classical, \guitar\electric, \guitar\flattop, \guitar\harp, \guitar\resophonic, and \guitar\other. You are still finding only keywords, because only keywords use the backslash. To find all occurrences of “guitar” occurring in titles and abstracts but not in keywords, search for


(Remember, the underscores indicate spaces.) Now you will find all occurrences of the whole word “guitar” except those appearing as keywords. (Because no keyword can be preceded by a space and no backslash, get it?) But you will not find “Guitars and Mandolins in America” because you have included the space following the word “guitar.” Your widest search would be for


with neither backslash nor spaces. You will find jillions of occurrences, including all the guitar keywords and all forms of the word in any title or abstract. It would be a tedious process to look at every one of the several hundred occurrences that such a search would yield. But you would eventually find what you were looking for. In short, my point is that you will save yourself a lot of time by taking a few minutes to understand our keyword system. But if you choose not to, you can still get there.

(Note: The keyword subcategory “\other” when it occurs indicates that there are listings that do not fall in the listed subcategories. For instance, we do list the subcategory \bracing\lute, but not \bracing\dulcimer. If we have something on dulcimer bracing, it would appear under \bracing\other. Searching for


will find all articles to which we have assigned a keyword of \bracing. You will also find all the subcategories, so you will find a lot of info on guitar bracing. But if you are looking for info on dulcimer bracing, search for


and you will exclude all the guitar and lute stuff, letting you find any dulcimer stuff sooner.

A few notes on finding information about individual makers. Our keyword


includes all interviews, visits, obituaries, and other articles that deal substantially with the person as opposed to the work. Searching for this keyword will show you all such articles in chronological order. To find just the plans, search on the word


and you will get to either the title or the abstract of all appropriate articles.

To find individuals by name, go to the list at the end of the document and find the name you want to search for. Then search for that name as a word (not a keyword). You should find all articles which are about that individual or their work, or which are written by them. Hint: Search for “Ramirez,” not “Jose Ramirez III.” Why? Because it is just possible that our abstracts may not be perfectly consistent. We may put “Ramirez” or “Jose Ramirez” or “Jose Ramirez, III” when we really mean “Jose Ramirez III.” And beware of spaces. Don’t search for “Overholtzer_” (with the space). You will not find “Overholtzer’s” or “Overholtzer-style” that way.

Here’s a suggestion to speed your searches: Divide this document into two separate documents. Put the instructions, keyword list, and name list in one file, and just the articles/abstracts listing in the other file. Open the articles/abstracts list document, and conduct your keyword search there. Then, for instance, you will not find the word “guitar” in the above examples or in the keyword list itself, and not have to scroll down past all this stuff to start a search.

Keywords used in this Document

(Some words, which are not keywords, are included in this list in order to point you to the keywords. The second entry, “acoustical physics,” is an example of this. Words in parentheses are explanatory and not a part of the search string.)

\accessories (other than cases and tuners)
acoustical physics (search for \physics)

\balalaika (includes domra)
\binding (includes purfling)
bouzouki (search for \instruments\other)
\bow (includes all instruments, making and repair)
\bracing\classical (guitar)
\bracing\flattop (guitar)
\bracing\other (includes violin family tone bars)
\bridge\electric (guitar)
\bridge\other (includes intonation and compensation)

\computers (includes CAD and CNC; also includes internet)
conservation or conservator (search for \restoration)
conventions (search for \meetings)

drawings (search for \plans)

environment (search for \health or \wood\trees)

fingerboard (violin family; also see \fingerboard\fretboard)
\fingerboard\fretboard (includes frets and fret placement)
\finish\shellac (includes French polish and other spirit varnish)

\gluing (includes glues)
graphite-epoxy (search for \synthetics)
guitar, bass (search for \bass\flattop or \bass\electric)
\guitar\classical (includes flamenco)
\guitar\flattop (steel string)
guitar plans (search for \plans)

harp (search for \instruments\other)
harp guitar(search for \guitar\harp)
\health (includes safety)
\humidity (includes wood moisture and drying issues)

instrument plans (search for \plans)

\lute plans (search for \plans)
lyre (search for \instruments\other)

mathematics (search for \physics\math)

\neck (search also for \fingerboard\fretboard)

\organizations (societies, not companies)

\pegs (friction) (tuning gears: search for \tuners)
\people (includes interviews, obituaries, and visits. Usually indicates a nontech article)
pickups (search for \electronics)
plastic (search for \synthetics)

\repair\neck (includes broken pegheads and neck sets)

\skin (on an instrument, not on you)
\synthetics (includes graphite-epoxy, plastics, plexiglas, etc.)

\tools\created (shop made or adapted from another discipline)


\viol (gamba, not bass viol)

\wood\hard (includes tropical)
\wood\trees (includes identifying, pollution, logging)
\wood\other (includes alternative)
\workshop (includes workbench)

Names appearing in this document

The following list contains the names of the authors of all the articles, as well as the names of all the people who have been interviewed or written about. Additionally, certain names that commonly come up, names like Stradivari, Torres, D’Aquisto, Loar, Ramirez, and Maccaferri, are included here rather than being identified by keywords. Find the name on this list to be sure you spell it right, then search for that “word.” The full name may not always appear in the abstract, so try just last names, too.

Henry Aitchison
Yuri Aleksik
Don Alfieri
Randy Allen
W. D. Allen
Christopher Allworth
Ken Altman
Steve Andersen
Des Anthony
Leo Anway
Gerald W. Aquino
Kevin Aram
Ken Archard
Hammond Ashley
Andrew Atkinson
Andy Avera
Joseph Bacon
Charles Baere
Geary Baese
Gavin Baird
Steve Banchero
Phil Banks
Marcelo Barbero
Manuel Barrueco
Michael Bashkin
Mark Bass
Fred Battershell
Jack Batts
Scott Baxendale
Edward D. Baxter
Bill Beadie
J.R. Beall
Paul Beard
J & A Beare
Charles Beare
Ed Beaver
Richard Beck
T. Beeston
Alexandre Belevich
Virginia Benade
Bob Benedetto
Tobias Berg
Ted Berringer
Greg Bernd
Eric Berry
Manny Bettoncourt
Leo Bidne
Alain Bieber
Richard Bingham
Ian C. Bishop
Ake Bjornstad
Tom Blackshear
Nick Blanton
Roberto Blinder
Anthony D. Blokzyi
Dick Boak
Vladimir Bobri
John S. Bogdonovich
Frank Bolger
Joao Jose de Santana Borges
Brett Borton
George Borun
John Boser
Jack Botersman
Robert Bouchet
Dana Bourgeois
Don Bradley
Dusan Brankov
Chris Brandt
Wes Brandt
Tobias Braun
Julian Bream
Michael Breid
John Brinkmann
Mike Brittain
John Bromka
Tim Brooks
Dale Brotherton
Todd Brotherton
Gretchen Weeks Brough
Donald L. Brown
Lawrence D. Brown
Lawrence K. Brown
Bob Brozman
Kendall Brubaker
R. E. Brune
George Buchanan
Voichita Buchur
J.V. Buehrer
Elliot Burch
Geza Burghardt
Dave Burrluck
Brian Burns
Leo Burrell
Chris Burt
Cyndy Burton
Ron Bushman
Boyd Butler
Ken Butler
Stuart W. Button
Greg Byers
Robert Cain
Bruce Calder
Graham Caldersmith
John Calkin
Fred Calland
Jan Callister
Ed Campbell
Fred Campbell
Fernando Cardoso
Cameron Carr
Russ Carlisle
Dorothy Carlson
Fred Carlson
Steve Carlson
Bonnie Carol
Curt Carpenter
Al Carruth
Walter Carter
Ken Cartwright
C. F. Casey (Fred Casey)
James Cassidy
Mark Chanlynn
Kerry Char
Francois Charle
Ralph S. Charles III
Andy Charron
Sergio Hearta Chavez
Scott Chinery
Harvey Citron
Bradley Clark
Eugene Clark
Kevin Coates
Bishop Cochran
Patrick W. Coffey
Frederick Cohen
Reagan Cole
Harry Coleman
Michael Collins
John Colombini
Bill Colgan, Jr.
Miguel Company
James Condino
Michael Cone
Stephan Connor
William Conrad
Dennis Coon
Robert Cooper
Roy Courtnall
Bruce Creps
Dave Crocker
William Cumpiano
Joseph Curtin
Steve Curtin
John Curtis
Mark Dalton
Bruce Day
Ed Damm
Jimmy D’Aquisto
Jim DeCava
Louis DeGrazia
Michael Darnton
W. Daum
Herb David
Manuel Davila
Keith Davis
Mervyn Davis
Ted Davis
Randy DeBey
John Decker
Louis De Grazia
Terry Demeza
Brian Derber
Joshia de Jonge
William, DelPilar
Dick DeNeve
Andy DePaule
Brian Derber
Greg Descoteaux
Bob Desmond
Thomas C. De Veau
Lester DeVoe
Herman Dewit
George Diamesis
Edward Victor Dick
Fred Dickens
Ditson Company
John Doan
Ken Donnell
Mike Doolin
John Dopera
Rudy Dopera
Robert Doucet
Michael Dresdner
Rion Dudley
Brian Dugot
D Viet Dung
Chris Dungey
Maurice Dupont
William Eaton
Gila Eban
Richard Echeverria
Robert A. Edelstein
Rob Ehlers
Richard Ennis
Tim Earls
Franz Elferink
Boaz Elkayam
Jeffrey R. Elliott (Jeff Elliott)
Lynn Ellsworth
Nicholas Emery
Joseph Ennis
Dan Erlewine
Lara Espley
Paul Estenson
Peter Estes
Mary Ann Evans
Taffy Evans
Tom Evans
Kent Everett
Everly Brothers
Gennero Fabricatore
James Fagan
F. W. Fais
Jeff Feltman
Leo Fender
Ren Fergusen
Ronald Louis Fernandez
Matt Fichtenbaum
Michael Finnerty
Paul Fischer
Gary Fish
Dave Flager
Harry Fleishman
Garth Fleming
Neville H. Fletcher
Thomas E. Florence
Ricardo B. Flores
Andrea Florinet
James Flynn
Daniel Fobert
Frank Ford
Jim Forderer
Alastair Fordyce
Daniel Fort
George Fortune Jr.
Chris Foss
Eric Fouilhe
Charles Fox
David Freeman
Mark French
Gary Frisbie
Stephen Frith
George Fry
Don Gallagher
Bryan Galloup
Victor Gardener
Bill Garofalo
James Garber
Anamaria Paredes Garcia
George Gawlik
Topher Gayle
Dave Gentry
Rolfe Gerhardt
Bob Gernandt
Peter Giolitto
Gulab Gidwani
Denis Gilbert
James Gilbert
Gerard Gilet
Myles Gilmer
Bob Gleason
David George
Hans Godefroy
Jurgen Goering
David Golber
Barbara Goldowski
Roberto Gomes
Jorge Gonzalez
Steve Goodale
Ken Goodwin
George Gorodnitski
Mark Goulet
Jim Grainger
Gordon Gray
Stefano Grandona
Tony Graziano
Aaron Green
John Greven
Steve Grimes
Willis Groth
George Gruhn
Paul Gudelsky
Michael Gurian
David Gusset
Jay Scott Hackleman
Louis “Buddy” Hale
Paul Hamer
Jamey Hampton
Chris Hanlin
Greg Hanson
Jay Hargreaves
Tom Harper
Wayne Harris
Robert Hartman
Elaine Hartstein
Thomas Harvey
Bruce Harvie
William Hatcher
Hermann Hauser Sr.
Hermann Hauser II
Joel Ivan Hawley
Neil Hebert
Michael Hedges
Duane Heilman
Skip Helms
Bon “Flying Caps” Henderson
Arnold M. J. Hennig
Joe Herrick
Ed. Heron-Allen
Lindsey Hewson
John Higgins
David Hill
Kenny Hill
Keith Hill
Paul Hill
James Hillier
Bruce Hoadley
Benjamin Hoff
Rob Hoffman
Kirk Hogan
Richard Hoover
Jay Hostetler
Paul Hostetter
Elon Howe
Bill Hultgren
Mark Humpal
David Hurd
Lisa Hurlong
Pete Hurney
Jeff Huss
Huss & Dalton
Carleen Hutchins
H. E. Huttig
Bud Ingraham
Richard Irwin
Derek Iverson
Gregory Jackson
Paul Jacobsen
Michael Jacobson-Hardy
Mike Janosko
Kirk A. Janowiak
Chris Jenkins
Bryan Johanson
Chris Johnson
Frank “Andy” Johnson
Joseph R. Johnson
Bob Jones
James Jones
John Jordan
Richard Jordan
J. Jovicic
O. Jovicic
Henry Juszkiewicz
Hideo Kamimoto
Colin Kaminski
Cary Karp
Michael Kasha
Carl Kaufmann
Doc Kauffman
Steve Kauffman
Richard Keldson
Michael Keller
Ted Kellison
Loretta Kelley
Wayne Kelly
Dick Kenfield
Dean Kimball
David King
Steve Kinnaird
Jim Kinshott
Lars Kirmser
John Kitakis
Steve Klein
Chris J. Knutsen
Michael Knutson
K. Kobie
Saul Koll
H. M. Kolstee
Francis Kosheleff
John Koster
Edward Kottick
Max Krimmel
M. A. Kupfer
Darcy Kuronen
Peter Kyvelos
Johannes Labusch
Kevin La Due
Del Langejans
Jean Larrivee
Larson brothers
Grit Laskin
Phillip Lea
Harry LeBovi
Chuck Lee
Leonard Lee
William Leirer
Al Leis
Robert Lenhart
Jack Levine
Mark Lewis
Laurence Libin
David Lindley
Ron Lira
Sam Littlepage
Jose Llorens
Mark Lindley
Thom Lipiczky
Jeff Liverman
Lloyd Loar
Charles LoBue
Jason Lollar
Mike Longworth
Christopher Luck
Robert Lundberg
Larry Lundy
Frederick C. Lyman, Jr. (Fred Lyman)
Mario Maccaferri
David Macias
J.D. Mackenzie
Don MacRostie
Beverly Maher
Dave Maize
George Majkowski
Hugh Manhart
George Manno
Felix Manzenero
Linda Manzer
Giovanni Antonio Marchi
Ed Margerum
Antonio Marin
Glen Markel
Mario Martello
Chris Martin
C. F. Martin, Jr.
C. F. Martin III
C. F. Martin IV
Douglas Martin
Frank Henry Martin
Brian Mascarin
Tom Mathis
Micihiro Matsuda
Kathy Matsushita
Philip Mayes
Alistair McAllister
Derrick McCandless
William McCaw
Rick McCollum
Tim McCreight
Meredith Alice McCutcheon
Paul McGill
Graham McDonald
Carl McFarland
Paul McGill
Bruce McGuire
Scott McKee
Steve McMinn
John Mello
David Melly
Bob Meltz
Hardy B. Menagh
John Meng
Juan Mercadal
Rich Mermer
Jim Merrill
Ed Mettee
Benoit Meulle-Stef
Tim Miklaucic
Bernard Millant
Gayle Miller
George Miller
Larry Mills
David Minnieweather
Mike Moger
J. G. Molnar
John Monteleone
Carlos Montoya
Ray Mooers
Juan Carlos Morales
Rene Morel
John Morgan
George Morris
John Morrish
Stuart Mossman
Daniel L. Most
R. M. Mottola
Phillip Murray
Don Musser
Javad Naini
S. E. Nalimov
Jonathan D. Natelson
Mike Nealon
J.C. Nelson
William Nesse
Steve Newberry
Paul Newson
David Newton
Dave Nichols
George T. Noe
Jim Norris
Susan Norris
Todd Novak
Ralph Novak
Teri K. Novak
Ian Noyce
Ernest Nussbaum
Tim O’Dea
Lloyd Scott Oglesby
Deb Olsen
Tim Olsen
Jose Oribe
Neil Ostberg
Arthur Overholtzer
Don Overstreet
T.E. Owen,
Charles A. Palis
Tony Palmer
Janos Pap
Alberto Paredes
Yves Parent
Shelley Park
Michael Parsons
Ralph Patt
J. E. Patterson
Jehan Paul
Les Paul
Craig Pederson
A. I. Peresada
Alan Perlman
E. M. Peters
Jonathon Peterson (Jon)
Tom Peterson
Gabriel Petric
Bruce Petros
Bob Petrulis
Norman Pickering
Craig Pierpont
Don Pilarz
Chris Pile
Juan Pimentel
Ivo Pires
Francois Pistorius
Tony Pizzo
Chris Pontazelos
Bart Potter
Brad Price
Michael H. Price
Peter Prier
Peter Psarianos
Emilio Pujol
David Quinn
Guy Rabut
Fabio Ragghianti
Mark Rankin
Denny Rauen
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez III
Manuel Ramirez
Dale Randall
John Randerson
Mark Rankin
Aggie Rayman
Kent Rayman
Philippe Refig
Steve Regimbal
Thomas Rein
Django Reinhardt
Bart Reiter
Jose Reyes-Zamora
Randy Reynolds
Gene Rhinehart
Tom Ribbecke
James Rickard
Kevin Rielly
David Riggs
Larry Riggs
Mark Rische
Owen Riss
David Rivinus
Sam Rizzetta
Larry Robinson
R. L. Robinson
Luis Alberto Paredes Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez
David Rolfe
Steve Rolig
John Rollins
Jose Romanillos (Jose L. Romanillos)
Floyd Rose
Todd Rose
Bruce Ross
Merv Rowley
Tom Rossing
Rick Rubin
David Rubio
Robert Ruck
Michael Sacek
Roger Sadowsky
Taku Sakashta
Todd Sams
Michael Sanden
David Santo
Shelly Sax
Peter Schaefer
Gerhart Schmeltkopf
Paul Schmidt
Paul William Schmidt
Dave Schneider
Richard Schneider
John Schofield
Hank Schrieber
Paul Schuback
Sheldon Schwartz
Bruce Scotten
Stephen Sedgwick
Andres Segovia
Andres Sender
Jon Sevy
John Shaw
Tim Shaw
David W. Shell
David Sheppard
Federico Sheppard
Sam Sherry
Tom Shinness
Nasser Shirazi
Roger Siminoff
Irving R. Sloane
Ervin Somogyi
Greg Smallman
Lawrence Smart
Art Smith
Douglas Alton Smith
George Smith
L. Allen Smith
Thomas Snyder
Simone Solondz
Gary Southwell
John Spence
Roger Sperline
William Spigelsky
Donald M. Sprenger
Ken Sribnick
Al Stancel
Mark Stanley
Dell Staton
Robert Stebbins
Rodney Stedall
Robert Steinegger
Larry F. Stevens
Nathan Stinnette
Henry Stocek
Randy Stockwell
Stradivari (Strad)
Antonius Stradivarius
Henry A. Strobel
William Strong
David Sturgill
Peggy Stuart
John Sullivan
Seth Summerfield
Debbie Suran
Mark Swanson
Andrea Tacchi
Mike Tagawa
Todd Taggart
Francisco Tarrega
William Tapia
Vincente Tatay
John Taye
Bob Taylor
Ronald Zachary Taylor
Don Teeter
Marvin Tench
John Thayer
John Thierman
Harvey Thomas
Perry Thomas
David Thormahlen
Judy Threet
Roger Thurman
Mark Tierney
Clive Titmuss
Otis A. Tomas
Janet Toon
Antonio de Torres (Antonio Torres)
Aquiles Torres
Ralph Towner
John Townley
Dake Traphagen
Scott Tremblay
Michael Trietsch
Betty Truitt
Michael Turko
Harold Turner
Rick Turner
Matt Umanov
Sheldon Urlik
Jimmie Van
Rob van Acht
Ed Vande Voorde
Sam Varjebedian
Alfred Velasquez
Manuel Velazquez
Carol Venture
David Vincent
Buzz Vineyard
Wesley Wadsworth
H. S. Wake
Luca Waldner
Bo Walker
Rudy Walker
Phillip W. Walker
Alan L. Wall
William T. Walls
Edwin John Ward
Ken Warmoth
Donald Warnock
Peggy Warren
Brian Watkins
Charles Wearden
Robert Lloyd Web
J.R. Weene
Steve Weincrot
Hans Weishaar
Raphael Weisman
Jess Wells
James Westbrook
Rich Westerman
Joyce Westphal
Woodley White
D. Henry Wickham
H. L. Wild
Byron Will
Alex Willis
Jim Williams
Laurie Williams
Peg Willis
Dave Wilson
Kathy Wingert
Bobby Wolfe
Darryl Wolfe
George Wonderlich
Casey Wood
Ian Woodfield
David Worthy
Paul Wyszkowski
Brian Yarosh
Jose Yacopi
Michael Yeats
David Russell Young
Jonathan Yuen
Jose “Pepito” Reyes Zamora
Dmitry Zhevlakov
Dave Zogg
Barry Zolo
Lloyd Zsiros
John Zuis
Erno Zwann

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