The Big Red Book of American Lutherie
Volume Six, 2000–2002

Cover of Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Six

This new volume contains over ninety articles from American Lutherie issues #61-72, published in 2000 through 2002: a dozen issues of American Lutherie collected in one big book for one low price! A member would have previously paid over $140 to buy all these back issues individually, a non-member even more! This volume is even larger than our previous Big Red Books at 568 pages.

Packed full of information based on the firsthand experience of dozens luthiers, highlights of this volume include: Dana Bourgeois on steel string voicing; John Monteleone on designing archtops for sound; development of the pre-modern European guitar by Gary Southwell; Ralph Novak on small shop production techniques; Paul Schuback on traditional French violin making; Elliott, Clark, Byers, and Southwell on classic guitar building; John Greven on pearl inlay; Eugene Clark on construction the Spanish rosette; Bob Benedetto on archtop guitar construction; Geza Burghardt on peghead V joint; John Calkin on building flattop bodies and dished workboards; surface prep for lacquer finishing; a guide to alternative woods; intro to metal engraving; sitar making in India; Irish harp plan; 1869 Francisco Gonzalez restoration and plan; 1976 Miguel Rodriguez Jr plan; and meet makers Bob Benedetto, Rick Turner, Eugene Clark, Harry Fleishman, David Freeman, Kerry Char, Ralph Novak, Geza Burghardt, David Rivinus, Fabio Ragghianti, Clive Titmuss, Sebastian Stenzel, John Kitakis, Tom Blackshear, Michihiro Matsuda, Duane Heilman, Sergio Chavez, David Minnieweather, Taku Sakashta, Fernando Cardosa, Edward Victor Dick, and collector Shel Urlik. Plus product and kit reviews, book reviews, CAD Notebook, and dozens of short how-to pieces.

Each volume in The Big Red Book of American Lutherie series is a quality hardcover book with sewn binding, gold stamped with the GAL logo. These are books that are built to last, built to be used, and built to lie open on your workbench. The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Six will be a indispensible part of your lutherie reference library for years to come.

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