1984 G.A.L. Convention
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1984 GAL Convention Exhibitors

Dick Bozung: sparrow, sunflower, harmoncycles, goldfinch, sunbird, nightingale, bluebird, and painted bunting; superslide and harpeace; dulcimer cards.Dana Bourgeois: steel string guitar; copy of D-28. Sitka spruce. Brazilian rosewood, sunburst finish. Bracing laid out along 1935 lines.Elliot BUrch: one custom banjo, cherry with floral inlay. Fitted with Whyte Ladie tone ring. Also two "A" mandolins, one birdseye maple back and sides, one black walnut back and sides.Jeff Chapple: violins: finely tuned top and back plates. Dulcimer: hourglass shape, walnut body, violin scroll peghead. F-style mandolin: tuned plates, fast neck, flamed maple body and neck. Tiger maple 6 string cutaway: soft action, great sound balance. Classical guitar: modified Overholtzer top, rosewood body.William Conrad: three unusual wood classic guitars: (1) Jose Madrigal (1974) Makassar ebony 24 fret classic from Master Series 1970-1980, (2) Dolorosa Valmassoi 1978 highly figured rosewood demonstrating deep bass tones and unusual rosewood figuration, (3) “El King of the Caballos” (1968) Caballo Blanko (white horse wood) Central America wood is transluscent and the shadow of your hand is visible through the sound hole ring.Robert Cooper: lutes: bass lute, copy of Folger / Harton, 33 staves; other lute made from Lute Society drawings, Hans Frei design. Guitar: 1890 Martin Model 2-20, mint condition.William Cumpiano: displayed the pre-publication galleys for his new textbook, Guitarmaking: Tradition and Technology / A Complete Reference for the Design of the Steel String Folk Gu itar and the Classic Guitar, which is currently being published by the Van and Nostrand-Reinhold Company of New York City and will be available in bookstores by December 1984.Ted H. Davis: curly koa dreadnought guitar with spruce top; Green color poplar steel-string classical size guitar with spruce top; Brazilian rosewood classical guitar with cedar top; two dulcimers, one walnut, one maple, with spruce tops; osage fingerboard, bridge blanks, and peghead veneers; piece of elephant ivory.Michael M. Dresdner: copies of the Restoration Clinic pamphlets - a collection of reprints of my Restoration Clinic column over the past 2 years. “Restoration Clinic” Logo t-shirts.Ken Donnell: acoustic flattop bass.Exotic Woods Co.: rosewood fingerboards, bridge blanks, backs and sides, pegheads, neck blanks and turning squares. Ebony fingerboard, bridge blanks, pegheads, neck blanks and turning squares. Curly maple backs and sides, neck blanks and solid body blanks. Big Leaf flamed and quilted maple solid body blanks. White hard and birdseye maple neck blanks. Honduras mahogany solid body blanks and neck blanks. • Daniel Foster: 2 cellos, Strad pattern; 2 violas 16 1/2" Cetulle, 19th Century; 1 violin, Strad.; 2 bass viola da gambas, Richard Meares 1677. Plate tuning under tutelage of Carleen Hutchins.Steve Grimes: archtop acoustic/electric jazz guitar, semi-solidbody electric guitar. Archtop mandolin (2 point). "Tiny Grimes" travel six-string guitar.R.P. Hale: one Flemish grand single-manual five-octave harpsichord; one three octave chromatic hammer dulcimer. • James M. Hall, Jr.: dulcimers are exhibited that are illustrative examples of dulcimers that can be built using the plans in the author's book, “Potpourri - Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer”.Ken Hamblin: Appalachian dulcimers in a variety of native Appalachian woods (including wormy chestnut), shapes and designs. Hammered dulcimer/case/stand combination of innovative design. Bluegrass banjo, wild cherry, dogwood flower motif, elaborate carving and pearl inlay.Doug Hutchens: reproduction banjo necks, pearl work, netal engraving. • James Jones: hammer dulcimer; 12 treble and 11 bass courses, redwood bubinga, maple, Baltic birch and rosewood. Steel string Dreadnought guitar; Sitka spruce, walnut, ebony, and curly maple. Irish bouzouki: Western red cedar, mahogany, rosewood.Edward E. Kalil: spruce top, mahogany neck. Steel string, curly maple sides and back, cedar top, mahogany neck. Electric guitar, koa body and maple neck through body. Regular classical, rosewood back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck.Barry Kulick: cutaway steel string guitar: rosewood back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck. 12 string guitar: rosewood back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck. 12 string double cutaway piezo-electric thin body guitar: rosewood back and sides, maple neck. Cutaway solid body guitar: mahogany body with Birdseye maple top, maple neck and wammy bar.Bob Meltz: fingerboard with 34 different fretwires and unmounted samples of the same wires. Also distributed information on fretwire manufacturers, what's available from whom, etc. Also distributed information on metallurgy of the two primary alloys used in fretwire.Jim Miller: Hammer dulcimer; 12 treble, 11 bass courses, maple pin blocks, Douglas fir top, birch back, curly maple and rosewood sides. Scott Mills: two steel string guitars with rosewood backs and sides, rosewood binding, boxwood purfling, ebony fingerboard, abalone dot inlay, rosewood pickguard and bridge, spruce top, gold Schaller tuners.Tom and Mary Morgan:Calvin C. Morical: violin: modified Strad model, highly flamed Pennsylvania red maple, top of aged European spruce. Viola: Amati model, partially finished. Handmade brass finger planes.David Nichols: lots of larger abalone and Mother-of-Pearl pieces.David K. Patterson: one archtop guitar: 17 3/8: body; 25 1/2: scale; German spruce t op; German curly maple back, sides, and neck; lacquer sunburst finish; ebony accessories.Bob Rigaud: classical guitar with rosewood sides and back, European spruce top. Carved electric guitar (“the Pretzel”): a proto-type model with mahogany body and carved peghead. All cover plates are ebony, tremolo bridge. Stratocaster copy: neck through body, green metallic finish.Preston C. Rishaw:Sam Rizzetta: two chromatic hammer dulcimers; one “Dulcetta” inlaid soprano dulcimer; one fretted dulcimer with inlay and carving.John E. Roush: “00” size steel string guitar: Indian rosewood, Sitka spruce, ebony fretboard, 12 fret neck, Ivoroid bound. Lacquer finish. Two classic guitars; one cedar top, rosewood bound, one German spruce, maple bound. Both have rosewood backs and sides, 66CM scale, fan bracing with diagonal treble bars and lacquer finish.Eugene D. Sheats, Jr.: vintage DeAngelico archtop guitar. Weyman mandolin. Handmade classicals: rosewood. Electirc 12 string flattop: curly maple sides, back and neck.David B. Sheppard: violin bows after Eugene Sartory; pernambuco ebony, silver, abalone, tortoise shell. Cutaway flattop steel string guitar, maple, spruce, ebony. Flattop steel string: rosewood, spruce, mahogany. Solid body electric mandolin 10-string, maple & ebony.Larry Shore: courting dulcimer made from cherry and rosewood with dot inlay on fingerboard. • Robert L. Thornburg: two wooden 5-string banjos. Cedar soundboards supported with fan strutting. One strung with steel strings (city plunk) and the other strung with nylon strings (country plunk).Natividad Tirado: four classic guitars: three concert size, one grand concert size. Two acoustic dreadnought or flat top gutiars. Two Cuatros guitars: one with cutaway; this instrument is typically from Puerto Rico folkloric music. One of the concert guitars is a twelve-string “silk and steel”.Lissa E. Turner: six string guitar: first attempt at guitar building.Susan Norris / Fred Carlson: Susan Norris: violin; sitka spruce, curly maple; 1978. “Suzalyne”; 10 stringed violin-viola combination with 5 sympathetic strings running under fingerboard and through lower part of bridge. Original design; sitka spruce, curly maple. Fred Carlson: steel string guitar (6 string), Starchaser model, original design, western red cedar, walnut. 12 string guitar, very small, original design, sitka spruce, Vermont cherry.Tim White: in violation of all traditional hallucinations concerning the acoustics of stringed instruments and the limits of accetable innovation, an inflatable knock-down guitar was presented. Manufactured out of home-brew graphite-epoxy composite, this full-scale twelve string acoustic electrc guitar exploits the remarkable properties of this material to propose new directions in stringed instrument evolution and provoke public curiosity.Larry Wood: custom abalone and gold inlay.Woodworker's Dream: a selection of exotic imported and domestic hardwoods (ebony, rosewood, mahogany, spruce, bubinga, padouk, wenge, morando, bocote, purpleheart, zebra, avodire, walnut, maple, lignum, vitae, etc.) plus a complete selection of guitar parts, accessories and lutherie supplies (guitar sets, tuners, fret wire, neck billets, block, braces, etc.).Paul Wyszkowski: classical guitar: cocobolo and European spruce. Concert dulcimer: walnut and cedar. “Zither”, an instrument designed to be played with thumbs only, by a handicapped person: rosewood and fir.

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