1988 G.A.L. Convention
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4th Benefit Auction
WHAT A BLAST! THIS YEAR'S AUCTION WAS A BIG success in every way. For the first time, we held the auction in a bar (well, a restaurant/lounge), a new twist which appears to have been a good move. Revelers gathered in the upstairs banquet room and kept waiters busy while listening to opening acts Bruce Harvey (a cappella cheek slaps on "Sweet Georgia Brown") and Nicholas Clarke (bawdy English pub songs). Then a team of auctioneers took the mic and kept things moving fast and prices moving up. The top center photo shows them: (from left) Willis Groth, Todd Broth┬Čerton, Bruce Harvey, and Tim Olsen. Joe Johnson, shown in the top right photo with the "Detroit Styling" chrome banjo-uke, and Bob Lundberg also did shifts to bring in $2290.46 for the Guild's good work, our highest amount ever per capita. A number of smaller items had already been knocked down that afternoon at the exhibition, in order to keep the evening session from dragging on. The highlight, however, was the evening's final event, held in the parking lot. Two cheap classics were auctioned off to two teams of four contestants who, with the aid of hammers, raced to pass them through napkin rings. The young and hungry Team B (Jay Beard, Tom Broniecki, John Shea, and Scott Johnson) are shown at lower left. The mature scholars of the Mad City Maulers prevailed, how┬Čever. They were Larry Lundy (top left), Ralph Rabin and Steven Sylvester (lower center), and Robert Lundberg (lower right), all non-guitar makers, if you know what I mean. Plans are already afoot for a grudge rematch in 1990 using string basses. You think I'm kidding! HA!

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