1990 G.A.L. Convention
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LECTURES AND WORKSHOPS: Top row, left: Solidbody guitar manufacturer Ken Warmoth gives a tour of his new facility after his talk. Right: Mike Keller demonstrates his low-cost side bending system. Bottom row: The workspace panel in action, including (left to right) moderator Jeffrey Elliott, Ervin Somogyi, R.E. Brun, Chris Brandt, Richard Schneider, and David Wilson. Right: Michael Darnton explains the fine points of violin setup.

Facing page. Top row, left: Jean Larrive describes his method of building steel string guitars. Center: Kevin Aram, with his wife Alison, came all the way from London to give us the in-depth story of Julian Bream's famous Romanillos guitar. He seems to like that spruce! Right: At the lute workshop, Robert Lundberg uses a belly to illustrate a point to Gary Komoski and Ervin Somogyi. Second Row, left: Lutherie schools panelists (left to right) Steve Banchero, David

Vincent, Larry Kirmser, and David Freeman listen to Don Warnock, who also lectured on his methods of constructing viols. Right: George Gorodnitski, A. Lawrence Smart, and Dan Erlewine jam in theexhibition hall. Dan presented two workshops on fretting and repair techniques. Third row, left: Ralph Novak answers questions about his multiscale fretboards. Center: North American softwoods panelists chuckle at the comments of ``Get Loose Bruce.'' Panelists were (left to right) Ted Davis, Bruce Harvie, Byron Will, Steve McMinn, and David Wilson. Right: Hideo Kamimoto's lecture took us inside an Asian violin factory. Bottom row, left: Guild vice president Todd Brotherton, at right, assists his brother Dale in the Japanese plane workshop. Right: Jim Greeninger demonstrates his MIDI setup for both solidbody and classic guitar. Dana Bourgeois spoke on the voicing of steel string guitar soundboards. He is pictured on page 9.

MUSIC. Top row, left: Concert performer Paul Chasman tries out a guitar by Robert Ehlers in the exhibition hall while chatting with hammer dulcimer player Dale Blindheim. Right: Lara Esply listens to some informal after-hours music from Tamarissa Hoskin. Second row, left: Tarik Banzi opened our eyes and ears to the oud. Center:Flamenco guitarist Julia Banzi introduces her daughter Zahra to Hammond Ashley. The balloon guitar was later auctioned. Right: Bryan Johanson opened Friday's delightful concert on lute, then wenton to classic guitar. Third row: At Thursday night's reception, the Seattle Mandolin Orchestra performed a classical program on exclusively mandolin-family instruments. Bottom: This year's commemorative cake was a whopping two feet wide three feet long! Ken Sribnick (pictured on page 37) and Gayle Miller were named King and Queen of the Cake to honor the fact that they met at the 1986 convention in Tacoma and subsequently married! Chilton and Patsy Gregory were named Duke and Duchess of the Cake because they didn't get any cake in 1988. No shortage this time!

EXHIBITION AND STAFF. Top row, left: One of the many happy wood customers. If he had been wearing his name tag, I could tell you who he is. Center: Hey six-eyes! Steve Andersen tries out a magnifying visor at the Stewart MacDonald table. Right: Dake Traphagen points out the results of a CAT scan performed on an antique classic guitar. He reports that while interesting, the results were less than hoped. Second row, left: The Guild's electronic commuter Cyndy Burton at her exhibition table. Right: Conventioneers gathered in Chris Knutzen hall for lectures. Bottom: We wanted to show pictures of all the Guild officers and staff members, but we didn't find any good ones of Bon or Dale Phillips. So here is one from a publicity session for their rock band. Director and vice president Gila Eban appears on page 9.

Facing page. Top row, left: Ted Berringer discusses his solidbody mandolin with Kerry Char. Center: Video cameraman ``Go-Dale'' Korsmo and frontman Joe Johnson tour the exhibition. Right: Tim Olsen hands out booty at the ``silent'' auction, as Ruth Peterson, Deb Olsen, and Pete Foreman look on. Second row, left: Keith Allen Young holds a guitar by Borko Dragojlovic, foreground. Center: Ken Sribnik plays a guitar by R.E. Brun, the unusual soundholes of which were patterned on a 1930 Francisco Simplicio. Right: Carolyn Field shows her violins and violas to Yasu Kobayashi. Bottom row, left:Guild staffer Jon Peterson, at left, tells Al Williams of Calton Cases ``My shirt can beat up your shirt!'' Right: A lot of wood changed hands in the exhibition hall, like here at the Gilmer Wood tables.

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