1990 G.A.L. Convention
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“Indiana” Bruce.

Bob Stone gives 'em what-for, assisted by Todd.
John Jordan and the “Little Man”. Louisa Wise on fiddle, Scott on fiddle sticks.
Chilton and Patsy Gregory perform blues tap.    

1990 Auction: A Big Winner!
by Bon Henderson

Once again the G.A.L. benefit auction/party was a highlight of four days of nonstop excitement. This year the party was held in more traditional surroundings at the campus coffee shop, and conventioneers reveled appropriately. Entertainment was emphasized this year, with Patsy and Chilton Gregory to start the show with a bang. Patsy (in giant green and brilliant neon pink G.A.L. T-shirt) tap-danced her way into our hearts while Chilton performed a fine blues accompaniment on a 12-string guitar built by Lonnie Spang. A tough act to follow! The Australian duo of Scott and Louisa Wise took up the challenge and mesmerized the gathering with incredible fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and vocal stylings. The show-stopping Bruce Harvie followed with an encore performance of “Sweet Georgia Brown” on his face. These two years practice he had since Vermillion really paid off.

The auction also provided excellent entertainment value and variety with many guest auctioneers lending a hand. Robert Stone, Tim Olsen, Ervin Somogyi, Bruce Harvie, Robert Lundberg, and John Jordan each took a turn at the mic keeping the pace as luthiers hotly bid on the many generous contributions. A fine selection of woods seemed to be the dominant donation and G.A.L. members took full advantage of some great bargains, waging some serious bidding battles. Highlights included the wacky ad libs of Bruce Harvie, budding stand-up comedian Ervin Somogyi auctioning off his own generous donation of an exactingly machined solid aluminum fret slot cutting jig (“Hey, I'll buy it back myself at this price!”) while auction assistant Todd Brotherton showed off his incredible wiry strength by holding it over his head for 20 minutes, and finally John Jordan auctioning off a totally busted (during the transport of items) clay guitar player figure, and actually getting $6 for “The Little Man” from a consortium who pooled pocket change to carry off the prize! A great time was enjoyed by all, and an even greater thrill came the next day when we learned that the auction had netted the Guild a whopping $4700, more than double the proceeds of any past Guild Auction! Now how will we top that next time?

1990 GAL Benefit Auction Donors

Steve Andersen: Sitka Spruce mandolin billet, autoharpHammond Ashley: Electric guitar books • Ted Beringer: Bosca handsawDana Bourgeois: “0” size guitar; Goya classic guitar w/case, “00” guitar w/case, Stinger electric guitar with hardshell caseR.E. Brune: Two joined Japanese spruce topsEarl Bushey: Laminated steel drawknife with folding handles, wood finger planeCalton Cases/Al Williams: Custom fitted Calton guitar caseRich Craven: Western red cedar top set, western larch billetCraig Currier: Bagttlama; 25 sharping levers for folk harpEhlers Guitars: 40 yr old spruce, Brazilian ocelot ear, koa, figured western maple (8 1/2 pairs)Exotic Woods: Brazilian rosewood, ebony, East Indian rosewoodDave Freeman: Sitka spruce tops, T-shirts, wooden toys, clay guitar player figureG.A.L.: Convention logo poster, early SLR camera & misc. equipment, Star dot matrix printer, assorted magazines & postersMiles Gilmer: Ten western red cedar sets, figured maple • Bob Gleason: Special koa setsRichard Gourhan: 4000 year old cedar violin setSteve Grimes: T-shirtJones-Fletcher Music: New hardshell violin caseRoger LeBlanc: Miscellaneous bindings, violin bridge • Ron Lira: Two solid electric guitar bodiesRobert Lundberg: Four silver fir billets, four lute bellies, Pacific yew billet for shaded lute ribs, mapleLuthier's Mercantile: Two Sitka spruce tops, two joined redwood tops, western red cedar top, two Engelmann spruce billets, Brazilian rosewood set, three sitka spruce billets, six joined spruce tops, four Brazilian rosewood joined backs, figured western maple back & sidesSteve McMinn: Eight Sitka spruce tops sets, eleven western red cedar setsRalph Novak: Ebony & rosewood fretboards Tim Olsen: Topcon camera, five gallons of hide glueOrcas Island Tonewoods: Two figured redwood jumbo sets; Port Orford cedar archtop set; redwood Les Paul top; two western red cedar topsJose Romanillos: Catalog of Exhibition at Alicante Spain autographed by Jose RomanillosNeil Russell: Western red cedar soundboardHildy Schmoll: 3/4 'cello, 3/4 'cello (top gone), 'cello bodyErvin Somogyi: Ball bearing fret slot cutting jigRobert Steinegger: Very old Sitka tops, Alaskan yellow cedar tops, snakewood bridge blankStewart MacDonald: Two spruce billets, mahogany guitar necks, banjo rims and two resonators, two maple banjo necks, T-shirts, three rosewood guitar sides, mandolin fretboards, scrap rosewood and ebony, miscellaneous fretboard blanks and scraps, four cam clamps, ebony peghead veneers, bindingsBurt Stimson: Guitarmaking books Larry Trumble: SpruceRandy Volk and David Simmonds: Larch guitar top, Engelmann spruce topsAlan Zerobnick: Balloon guitar

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