1992 G.A.L. Convention
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Both Dana Bourgeois' Steel string guitar and classic guitar listening sessions were informative, inspiring and enjoyable. Many musicians contributed their services during the two sessions; here Dana (left) looks on as Brazilian Guild member Roberto Gomes comments on an instrument he has just demonstrated. Frank and positive discussions followed each musical interlude, and the spirit of constructive and knowledgeable comment  was deeply appreciated by all in attendance.

Don MacRostie gave dozens of valuable tips in his workshop on small shop jigs and setups.
High school biology class? No, it's Nicholas Von Robison's workshop on microscopic identification of North American softwoods. Manning the scopes are Stuart Murphy (left), Joseph Kochmanski (center), and Nick himself.
Michael Darnton shows how to join violin family plates the easy way.

After Ed Campbell's dynamic lecture on the violin soundboard, he takes time out to meet fellow Guild member Andrea Tacchi (right) from Italy, one of many people attending the convention from outside the North American continent.

Robert Ruck (right) lectures on classic guitar top thickness and design while Gila Eban assists.

Tom Ribbecke from Luthier's Mercantile displays a bubinga guitar by Fred Campbell during his alternative woods workshop. Tom also brought a “sustained yield” baritone uke, a joint project of Bob Gleason and Luthiers Mercantile to demonstrate the potential of woods imported by LMI from Pelcazul, Peru. The back and sides are made of Quinilla colorada.

Dan Erlewine (left) shares a laugh with the Duke of Pearl, Chuck Erikson, during Dan's guitar repair discussion group.

Museum collections of the world were discussed by John Koster, conservator of the Shrine to Music Museum, shown here in his workshop in the museum basement.

Everyone was mesmerized by the plate tuning demonstration given by Alan Carruth.

No, Tom Knott (foreground) and Catgut lecturer Ed Kottick are not critiquing the latest teen combo, they are protecting their hearing from the loud vibrations of the plate tuning demonstration.
Catgut founder Carleen Hutchins and William D. Allen examine test equipment used in his acoustical physics workshop.
In the Rawlins Gallery, members are enthralled with the Stradivari varnish discussion presented by Geary Baese.

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