1992 G.A.L. Convention
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Big Boy Once, the Musical Dance (a.k.a. Marc Silber), entertained everyone at the cake reception with his guitar and vocal blues stylings. Here he plays a 12-string by Jim Williams.

Ed Hale wastes no time in making music as he enjoys the South Dakota weather from the back of his truck.

David Schneider tunes up his butternut and Osage orange mandolin in preparation for a luthier hoedown.

Wherever someone tested out a guitar a crowd would surely gather, as Mike Keller is proving with a guitar by Heidi Spurlin.

WARP representative Todd Milovich takes time and from the exhibition to try an Ervin Somogyi classic guitar.

Keith Medlin stops by the Bill Hollenbeck booth to try out one of Bill's archtop guitars.
Australian John Moffatt offers a tune during the exhibition .
Every year there is at least one person of whose identity we cannot be entirely sure. Is it Jeff Kolitz? Or perhaps Bob Conley? Anyway, our 1992 mystery date (at left) shares a jam with W.A. Petersen on banjo. Always wear your name tag!
Donald LaPlant, Steve Mason, and Billy Lee drew a big crowd with their impromptu jam session in the dormitory game room.
Mark Miller demonstrates John Jordan's incredible 6-string electric bass. Note the extended range of the low string.

Thanks to our un precedented collaboration with the Catgut Acoustical Society, conventioneers enjoyed a rare chance to see an entire octet of the New Family of Violins. The two basses at left were made by Hammond Ashley Associates, and the other instruments by Carleen Hutchins. Pictured are (L to R) Bruce Lawrence, Joseph Holovnia, Lorraine Nester, Hammond Ashley (standing without instrument), Dale Blindheim, Brad Bischoff, Sandro Cocco, Harold Golden, Jody Anderson, and Bob Popek.

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