1995 G.A.L. Convention
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Steve Andersen demonstrates bending an archtop guitar cutaway side on a modified universal side bender.

Dan Erlewine, Bryan Galloup, and Frank Ford collaborated on a demonstration of practical and efficient fretting techniques: Dan uses a neck supporting jig to work on a Fender neck;

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Bryan has a guitar mounted on a swiveling bench which allows him to work on the guitar in playing position; and Frank performs a refret job on a Martin with admirable alacrity.

Frank performs a refret job on a Martin with admirable alacrity.

*Dan and Frank teamed again for a lecture on repair philosophy, and Bryan also lectured on restoring a Fender Jazzmaster.

Dan Hoffman, Cyndy Burton, and Robert Lundberg lead a hands-on French polish workshop: Dan explains while Lawrence Smart and Bob Ruck look on;

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Cyndy demonstrates for George A. Smith, Yong Chin Hoe (from Malaysia), and Benno Beck;
Robert (at right) yuks it up with R.E Bruné while Tom Blackshear tries his hand with the shellac.
Tom Ribbecke brought a dust-catching chamber in which to rough-shape an archtop guitar plate.
After his workshop on jig design, Charles Fox (right) chats with longtime member Derek Iverson.
Jos‚ Romanillos shaves classic guitar braces while workshop participant Ervin Somogyi looks on. Jos‚ also presented a lecture on the history of the classic guitar, and Ervin also gave a workshop talk on the mechanics of the guitar neck.
Al Carruth points out the significance of a line of accumulated glitter on a guitar top during his workshop on free plate tuning.
Dale Brotherton demonstrates the use and maintainence of traditional Japanese woodworking tools.
Wood dealers Lewis Judy (left) and Gulab Gidwani smile for the camera while Carol Gidwani looks on. Gulab showed slides of his wood-buying travels in a workshop he shared with Roberto Gomes.
David Thormahlen (left) and Bill Wangen evesdrop as Paul Gudelsky explains fine points of his archtop to Lawrence Smart. Paul lectured on the design innovations of his teacher James L. D’Aquisto; Lawrence gave a workshop talk on his family of mandolin instruments.
Fred Campbell (left) lifts a man-size flagon of something with fellow reveler Bob Branstetter. Fred spoke on nitrocellulose lacquer finishing techniques.
Paul Hostetter (left) and Dana Bourgeois lead discussion at the steel string guitar listening test. Dana has facilitated listening sessions for both steel string and classic guitars at our last three conventions. He also gave a workshop talk on controlling the tone of steel string guitars.
Paul Schuback demonstrates the carving of a violin top while another maker from his shop, Duane Brewer, checks the setup of a nut.
Harry Fleishman holds up an electronic do-dad. Harry lectured on acoustic guitar amplification systems, and followed it up with demonstration and listening session.
There’s French luthier Maurice Dupont at the registration table. Assisted by Paul Hostetter, Maurice showed slides and spoke about his work with Selmer-style instruments.
Guy Rabut pauses in his violin scroll carving demonstration to talk with Rob Gower. Behind them are (l to r) John Jordan, Bill Rankin, Wes Brandt, and John Jannotti.
Eric Meyer brought his lathe to demonstrate violin peg turning. David Riggs looks on in amazement.
Greg Byers plucks a note to demonstrate his ideas on classic guitar fret compensation.
Byron Will explains the development of harpsichord design.
Lawrence Smart spoke on mandolin design, using his matched mandolin quartet as a visual aid.
Brazilian luthier Roberto Gomes (right) was the designated player for the classic guitar listening session and also spoke about tropical hardwoods. Admiring him here are (l to r) Richard McClish, Victoria Tierney, and John Roncelli.
Here’s a couple of happy talkers! Ralph Novak lectured on the importance of scale length to electric guitar tone, and Dr. Teri Novak spoke on avoiding injury at the workbench.
Our panel of steel string guitar industrialists featured (l to r) moderator Joe Johnson, Richard Hoover of Santa Cruz Guitar, Jean Larriveée, Bob Taylor, Bill Collings, and Ren Ferguson of Gibson.

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