1995 G.A.L. Convention
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Hot Club jazz from Pearl Django featured guitars by (l to r) Park, Dupont, and D'Aquisto

Carmona Flamenco performed on guitars by Robert Ruck.
The Canotes, Jere and Greg, played everywhere and at all times.
David Franzen showed off the wonderful acoustic properties of Lagerquist Hall with guitars by Elliott, Ruck, and the Milburns.
Eric Tingestad plays a guitar by Steve Newberry.
The Blues/Rock All Stars rock the Cave, featuring (l to r) Pat Smith, Evan Davis, Matt Souza, Bruce Harvie, and Dan Erlewine.
Linda Breton plays her ornate guitar.
The Guild is a family organization. Here's a kid growing up in the bosom of homemade music. Adults include (l to r) Marjorie Pearson, Judy Walker, Brenda Scearcy, and Jim Loewenherz.
We actually had enough flattop basses at the convention to have a well-attended listening session. Matthew Hill facilitates.

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