1998 G.A.L. Convention

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Anywhere Al Carruth (L) is, that's where an informative lecture is happening. In this case it is at his exhibition table.
John Monteleone (R) answers questions for Bill Wangen (L) and Frank Lawrence about his “Quattroport” archtop guitar after his Sunday morning lecture.
Fred Campbell relaxes at the Olsen home on Sunday afternoon.
There's the classic guitar panelists, (L to R) Jeff Elliott, Greg Byers, Gary Southwell, and Eugene Clark.
Chris Brandt (L) and Dave Zogg (R) watch Saul Koll glue a Gretsch peghead during their demo on guitar repair.
Robert Lundberg (R) chats with fellow Portlander George Smith outside the concert hall.
Joseph Curtin plays a viola by Graham Caldersmith built entirely from Australian woods. Behind him are group photos from past GAL Conventions.
Speaking of Graham Caldersmith, there he is (R) at the GALHQ Open House, talking with a group which includes Steve Newberry.
Mike Lindskold (L) picks and chats with Russ Britt, Jr., at the Stewart-MacDonald exhibition table.
Lecturer Tom Ribbecke (L) and GAL electronic commuter John Calkin seem dazzled by something. I wonder what?
Woodley White has a few questions for Michael Gurian (R) after his lecture on marquetry.
There's steel-string panel moderator and GAL columnist Harry Fleishman.
Kenny Hill facilitated the classic guitar listening.
Ken Malsky worked with Al Carruth on the physics demo.
Fred Carlson signs one of his original art banners for Mark Blanchard, who bought it at the auction.
Steel string guitar listening facilitator Ralph Novak plays a small guitar by Robert Stienegger. Hey, what the heck is wrong with this thing? The frets are parallel!
Like your lid, Frank Ford. This was an especially good convention for hat styles.
Steve Ganz, Mark Huzenga, Bob Ruck, and others are all ears as Geza Burghardt (L) holds forth on French polish techniques.
William Eaton enlightened us both as a member of the steel string guitar design panel and as a concertizer.
Don MacRostie talks with Bob Gleason as the group picture session breaks up.

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