1998 G.A.L. Convention
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The information never stops! Don Bradley quickly finds node lines with his specialized signal generator.

Steve Ganz shows his guitars and lute.
Wood dealers everywhere! Convention regulars Steve McMinn (l) and Tom Peterson can't stay away even when they don't exhibit their wares. (l to r) Cat Fox, David Brooks, Steve Andersen, and Fletcher Brock go about the real business of the convention, i.e., pickin' and a-blabbin'.
Man, those finger planes by Christopher Laarman are pretty! Michael McConville (l) demonstrates a wonderfully elaborate guitar holding device to Roger Hamilton.
Steve ``Legs'' Newberry tries an archtop classic guitar by Al Carruth. teve Andersen (l) checks out the goodies at Tom Jones' table.
Tobias Berg (l) and Michael Sanden (c) admire a guitar by Jeff Elliott (r). More luthiers doing that front-porch thing include (l to r) Brian Burns, John Dick, and Vince Meyer.

1998 Convention Exhibitors
Randy Allen, Allen Guitars, Colfax CA: instrument woods, mandolin Bob Altman, Altman & Sons, Luthiers, Winterville GA: steel string acousticsRudy Baehr, Rudy’s Music, Snohomish WA: dreadnought guitar, grand concert guitar, parlor guitarBrent Benfield, Topeka IN: classic guitar • Ted Beringer, Billings MT: archtop guitars, classic guitar • Mark Blanchard, Blanchard Guitars, Mammoth Lakes CA: flattop steel string guitars • Don Bradley, Bradley Engineering, Forestville CA: electronic signal generators • Fletcher Brock, Ketchum ID: acoustic archtop guitars • Ron Bushman, Brea CA: flamenco guitars • Gregory Byers, Willits CA: classical guitar • Graham Caldersmith, Kendall Australia: violin and viola, made of Australian woods • John Calkin, Huss & Dalton, Greenville VA: Huss & Dalton mahogany cutaway steel string, Calkin archtop mandolin, Calkin small walnut flattop • Jere Canote, Small Wonder Banjos, Seattle WA: 5-string banjos, minstrel banjos, banjo guitars, banjo ukes • Fred Carlson, Beyond the Trees, Santa Cruz CA: Pinwheel 6-string steel string guitar, cedar and koa; Sympitar, redwood and maple; Dreadnautilus guitar, redwood and walnut; Jomama, spruce and papier-mƒch‚ • Alan Carruth, Dedham MA: archtop classical guitar and 12-fret 000 steel string • Alicia Carter, Mattole River Tonewoods, Petrolia CA: redwood billets and soundboard blanks • William Chapin, Chapin Guitar, San Jose CA: inside-guitar inspection camera, semi-solid guitars, wood • Kerry Char, Portand OR: resophonic guitar, flattop guitars • Kent Chasson, Eclipse Guitars, Bellingham WA: steel string acoustic guitars • Alexander Chernis, Los Angeles CA: guitars • Joshia de Jonge, Oshawa Canada: guitars • Mike Doolin, Doolin Guitars, Portland OR: double-cutaway flattop guitars, electrics built on the same body shapeWilliam Eaton, Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, Phoenix AZ: instruments built by instructors • Jeffrey R. Elliott, Portland OR: classical guitars: European maple back and sides with Engelmann spruce top; Indian rosewood back and sides with European spruce top; African blackwood back and sides with European spruce top • Michael L. Elwell, Desmet ID: classical guitar, cittern-like instruments • Ron Fernandez, Fernandez Music, Irvine CA: charango, parts, videos • Clint Ferrell, Kirkland WA: folk harp and music instrument stand • Harry Fleishman, Boulder CO: 7-string acoustic steel string guitar, electric guitar • David Freeman, Timeless Instruments, Tugaske Canada: guitars, bouzouki, school brochures, top wood, European maple • Steve Ganz, Bellingham WA: 8-string classics, lute • Bob Gleason, Pegasus Guitars and Ukeleles, Hilo HI: mango tenor uke, koa wood • Rob Greig, Timbre Tonewoods, Vancouver Canada: tonewoods, spruce and cedar guitar tops • Jay Hargreaves, Seattle WA: acoustic guitars and basses • Paul Hass, Antonio Kroger Guitars, Seattle WA: classic guitars • Duane Heilman, Black Bear Guitars, Yakima WA: guitars, mandolins, ukes, classical guitars • Michael Hemken, St Helena CA: archtop guitars, flattop guitar • Bill Hibdon, Hibdon Hardwood Inc, St. Louis MO: guitar back and side sets • Kenny Hill, New World Guitar Co, Ben Lomond CA: classic guitars • David Kawika Hurd, Ukuleles by Kawika, Hilo HI: nylon string ukulele, guitar • Mike Jarvis, Summit Guitars, Qualicum Beach Canada: acoustic guitars, Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair • Bill Jaynes, Vancouver WA: myrtlewood jumbo with cedar top, paua purfling, and bloodwood binding • Oby Johnson, Targo Woods, Lynnwood WA: instrument woods • Tom Jones, TV Jones Guitars, Whittier CA: guitars, mandolins • Stephen Kinnaird, Kinnaird Guitars, Nacogdoches TX: abalone trimmed koa flattop, black-face padouk flattop • Saul Koll, Koll Guitar Co., Portland OR: archtop seven-string guitars, solidbody electrics • Mark Korsten, Hastings-on-Hudson NY:Christopher Laarman, Philomath OR: handmade finger planes • David Lewis, Bellingham WA: acoustic guitars, electric mandolin • Rick Lojacono, Earvana, Paso Robles CA: guitars and accessories • Luthiers Mercantile International, Healdsburg CA: all supplies to guitar makers • John Marshall, Luthiers International, Lilburn GA: school photos and literature • Antonio Masielo, Gaeta Italy: thinline acoustic/electric guitar • Michael McConville, Stratford Canada: guitar holding devices • Graham McDonald, Jamison Australia: Irish bouzouki, cittern • Brent McElroy, McElroy Guitars, Seattle WA:John Mickelson, FIK, Seldovia AK: fossil ivory, bridge pins, end pins, nuts, and saddles • John Monteleone, Islip NY: 18§ Quattroport archtop guitar with three side soundholes and one diagonal front soundhole • Dave Montgomery, Moab UT: electric bouzouki, classical guitar, “stage acoustic” bass • Don Musser, Cotopaxi CO: Engelmann and blue spruce top wood, rosewoods, maple, mahogany back and side wood, steel string guitar • Ralph Novak, Novax Fanned-Fret Guitars, San Leandro CA: acoustic, acoustic electric, and electric fanned-fret instruments • John Park, Summerland Canada: flamenco guitars, 18th-century reproductions • Fabio Ragghianti, Pietransanta Italy: classical guitar • Keith Rhodes, Portland OR: classical guitars • Tom Ribbecke, Ribbecke Guitars, Healdsburg CA: 17§ Monteray model archtop guitar, 1980 soundbubble guitar • Wayne Rogers, Avondale AZ: dreadnaught steel string guitar • Jean Rompre, Montreal Canada: classical guitars: spruce top, Indian rosewood; cedar top, Indian rosewood. • Sam Schipani, Ten-Co, Mississauga Canada: wood and accessories, classical and flamenco guitars • Ondrej Sima, SVS Tonewoods, Bratislava Slovakia: tonewood, European maple for violin and viola • George A Smith, Portland OR: classical guitars: African blackwood rosewood, European spruce top; Indian rosewood, Engelmann spruce top • Simone Solondz, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, San Anselmo CA: Acoustic Guitar magazines, Acoustic Artists songbooks, lesson books, and CD series • Ervin Somogyi, Berkeley CA: classic guitars • Larry Stamm, McBride Canada: spruce, cedar, and fir tonewood; guitars • Robert Steinegger, Everly Guitars, Portland OR: steel string guitars (Everly and others) • Milton(Gene) Stephenson, Woodburn OR: mandolins, mandobass • Stewart-MacDonald’s Guitar Shop Supply, Athens OH: materials, tools, and parts for instrument making • Hideo Tateno, San Mateo CA: dreadnought steel string guitars • Jerry Timm, Auburn WA: resophonic guitar, flattop guitars • Dake Traphagen, Bellingham WA: classical guitars • Larry Trumble, Wood Marine, Klawock, AK: Alaskan softwoods • Don Van Orman, DVO Specialties, Elma WA: music woods: spruce, maple, cedar • Pamela Wellner, SoundWood, San Francisco CA: SoundWood is a nonprofit environmental program working to protect tree species used for musical instruments. • Woodley White, Portland OR: classic guitar • James Wilson, Seattle WA: two mandolins, one octave mandolin.

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