2001 G.A.L. Convention

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The distinctive peghead and distinctive face of Steve Klein.
Charles Fox is talking about lutherie; how about that?
Harry Fleishman (right) shares a smile with Richard Glick as he heads for his talk, clutching the essential bottle of water and tray of slides.
David Gusset works the overhead.
Saul Koll works out on his 7-string archtop.
Can you believe that the guy with the rugged good looks and the football, standing there by the lockers, is not a coach, but a luthier? It's T.V. Jones.
Michael Hasson and another conventioneer quiz Mike Doolin (right) about his way cutaway flattop.
Who's more Italian? Bob Benedetto (left) and Fabio Ragghianti settle the question once and for all.
Frank Ford (left) and Dan Erlewine took their repair demo out into the sunshine after a power failure.
John Greven is ready to rumble at the demo table.
Eugene Clark breaks all the rules Ä fries in the exhibition hall!
Don Overstreet at his violin setup demo.
Kenny Hill at his exhibition table.
R.E. Bruné plays a fiery lick during his lecture.
Scott van Linge (left) explains his ideas on parabolic bridges to Jay Hargreaves.
There's good ol' Ralph Novak.
Rick Brown looks on as David Guiletti (right) demonstrates metal engraving.
Geza Burghardt (left) is a teaching machine. School is in session at his exhibition table, and Nathan Ching, Fred Rowley, and Dave Lima take advantage.
Ervin Somogyi presents a thought for the day along with his carving demo.
Todd Mylet enjoys a sumptuous repast in the cafeteria with lecturer Jeff Elliott (center) and Contributing Editor Cyndy Burton.
Todd Taggart (left) talks business with fellow wood dealer Myles Gilmer.

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