2001 G.A.L. Convention

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Eric Nichols and Abby Khan admire Shelley Park's Selmer-style guitar after her performance.

We see R.E. Bruné (bottom left)‚ and Ervin Somogyi putting on an impromptu flamenco performance in the courtyard. Audience includes Steve Wiencrot, Bruce Creps, Ralph Novak, Jeanette Fernandez, Bill Brunton, Harry Fleishman, Brady Anderson, Steven Scioscia, Jack Johnston, Jim Fortier, and Dick Cogger.
David Franzen performed on guitars by Jeff Elliott and Bob Park. Thomas Berghan dons period costume and wig for his lute performance, using an instrument by Robert Lundberg.
Denis Merrill plays at the steel string listening session. Pearl Django consists of Michael Gray, Neil Andersson, Shelley Park, and Rick Leppanen. Guitarist Dudley Hill was out sick.
Terry Schumacher plays an archlute by Robert Lundberg during the exhibition. The after-hours loud music session at The Cave. Mike Doolin, Jason Lollar, Brent McElroy on drums, Jay Hargreaves on bass, and Ralph Novak lay down a deep groove.
Brady Anderson takes a solo. The rock stylings of Fabio Ragghianti.
A change of pace was provided by Louis Freilicher on banjo. Some of our younger members, like Dolf Payer, can get a little rowdy. Abbey Kahn, Eric Nichols, Lyle Voltner, and Craig Finnegan try to look inconspicuous.

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