2001 G.A.L. Convention

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Good buddies Ren Ferguson and Steiny take a break from the exhibition to talk about the old days.

Dan Biasca, Jim Fortier, Carl Formoso, and Dave Harper relive their college days in the cafeteria.
THIS PHOTO, I PUT IN THE OPEN HOUSE PAGE Gene Stephenson was awarded the “Most improved haircut” title for his bold flattop-with-long-sides look.
Holy cow, are you eating again? Paul Hass and Brent McElroy chow down. Branwyn and Tabitha Lundberg, daughters of the late GAL stalwart Robert Lundberg, attended their first Guild Convention.
James Condino looks on as another convention attendee tries out his mandolin. When a photographer says “Smile for the camera,” this is the smile he is dreaming of; Georgia Edwards with R.J. Fulton.
Chuck “Duke of Pearl” Erikson to Daniel Wilson: “My beard can eat your moustache!” What you can't see in this photo is that Tom Baldino, Fabio Ragghianti, and Rich Pazian are doing a wild cossack dance.

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