2001 G.A.L. Convention
Staff & Helpers

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GAL Founder/Editor Tim Olsen hadn't ridden a bicycle on the PLU campus since he had a paper route there in 1968.

Guild Executive Director Deb Olsen, convention helper Therese Lewis, office staffer and MC extrordinaire K.P. Kendall, GAL Board Secretary Bon Henderson, and convention helper (and Bon's boyfriend) Ed Nadarozny pose prettily. Whoa, don't mess with that Ed, eh? Or should I say, don't mess with Bon!
Contributing Editor John Calkin beams with lutherie enthusiasm. Office staffer Dale Phillips finally sees the candid camera.
Convention Coordinator Todd Brotherton is still standing after it's all over. That's office staffer Jon Peterson with his two daughters. No kidding! It's Ellen (l) and Rosie.
Convention helper Jackie Stephenson takes a break from registration duties. It's a digital world for convention photographers John Leach and
Hap Newsom is enjoying the auction.    

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