2004 G.A.L. Convention
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Charles Fox seems amazed at an electric bass by David King. And well he might be!
There's Fred Carlson in his characteristic hat and even more characteristic smile.
Michael Darnton is saying “I've had it up to here with imperfect violin outlines!”
Eugene Clark seems right at home with the Spanish guitars of the Forderer/Westbrook collection.
Greg Byers (leftt) and Cyndy Burton demonstrated French polishing techniques.
Steve Kauffman shows his handiwork, the anniversary-model Klein guitar.
Graham McDonald brought a mandola, an Irish bouzouki, and a cittern from the other side of the world.
Ken Altman guided several conventioneers through the entire process of making a brass bow maker's plane.
The time-tested team of Frank Ford (right) and Dan Erlewine were back for hours of up-close demo repair work.
In addition to delivering a lecture, Kenny Hill (right) conducted the classic and flamenco guitar listening session with the help of guitarist Michael Partington (left) and others.
Convention coordinator Todd Brotherton (center) smiles for the camera with Géza Burghardt and Géza's wife Tini.
Harry Fleishman (left) finds something hilarious about the guitar that he has just been handed by Steve Kinnaird at the steel string guitar listening test. Or maybe it's just the sheer joy of lutherie.
And there will be no goofing off in professor Bruce Harvie's classroom, or else!
Rick Turner (right) explains the digital magic used by his “Momma Bear” processor, demonstrated by Don Alder.
Jeffrey Elliott (left) poses with Shel Urlik (center), the owner of Tárrega's 1888 Torres, and Kenton Youngstrom, who played the instrument in concert on Thursday.
Jim Forderer brings out two more of his dozens of important historic guitars.
Mike Doolin listens to a flattop bass by Bob Harris.
Tom Ribbecke expatiates on the ideas behind his unusual new archtop design.
Don MacRostie relaxes at the auction party.
Jim Westbrook describes the significance of one of his historic guitars.
Fabio Ragghianti takes a break during the packed schedule of workshops.
John Greven sands a plate during his waterborne finish demo.
Saul Koll (left) and T.V. Jones moderate the electric guitar listening session.

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