2004 G.A.L. Convention
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Bruce Harvie's bluegrass band included Rod Backman on bass, Scott Spadafora on guitar, and Dave Smith on mandolin.

Tarik (left) and Julia Banzi played Arabic drum and flute as well as oud and guitar.
Steve Kinnaird beams while playing his new John Calkin guitar for the first time. Paul Schmidt with the Klein anniversary guitar.
Lloyd Marsden plays one of his instruments at the exhibition. Ben Wallace (right) tries out a guitar at the table of Jeffrey Yong (left).
Mike Doolin and Nancy Conescu play guitars by Doolin. Late-night jammers in The Cave include (left to right) Mike Doolin, Bruce Harvie, Dan Minard, Brent McElroy, and David Minnieweather.
Taro Takeuchi and Ulrich Wedemeier demonstrate the historic guitars as Jim Forderer looks on. Pearl Django warms up in the green room. They are (left to right) Michael Gray, Rick Leppanen, Greg Ruby, and Neil Andersson.
Kenton Youngstrom demonstrates the Torres guitar at Jeffrey Elliott's lecture.

Luthiers love to listen. A big crowd takes in the classic guitar listening session in the orchestra rehearsal room.

Jon's photos - saturday (img_0714 & 0715)

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