2008 G.A.L. Convention
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Gene Bennett (left) shows his work to Tom Harper.

Dave Bertoncini (left) at his exhibit table, talking with Ted Megas.
Thirty-year GAL member Don Bradley exhibited his signal generators built specifically for producing glitter patterns on instrument plates. Wes Brandt (left) shows his viols to Geza Burghardt.
James Buckland exhibited his reproductions of 19th century guitars. Ralph Dammann.
S. Carlos Del Buono. Andy DePaule of DePaule Supply.
Steven Dewey (left) shows his wide variety of guitars to Michael Cone. Mike Doolin demonstrates his 8-string electric guitar at his exhibition table.
Joel Eckhaus pulls another one out of his bottomless bag of ukulele songs. James Einolf.
Jeffrey Elliott. Charles Evans table. Here's a picture of him.
Dave Fifield. Harry Fleishman's table. Here's a picture of him.
Dan Fobert. That's Phil Norris on the right. Charles Fox (right) with his wife Denise.
David Freeman (in the red shirt). Tim Frick.
Here’s perennial convention exhibitor Gulab Gidwani of Exotic Woods. Bob and Anne Gleason exhibited ukuleles and Hawaiian woods.
Steve Grimes. Gene Gustin.
Jay Hargreaves. Duane Heilman's table, here's a picture of him.
Tip House demonstrates his classical guitar. Mitchell Johnson.
Oby Johnson (right) and Ahmani Johnson at the Targo Woods table. Bob Julin.
Ryan Middlebrook (left) and Steve Kinnaird of Kinnaird Guitars. Chris Klumpar (left) of Luthiertool Company and Nathan Ching.
Dave Llewellin. Marc Lupien (left) and Bruno Coulombe.
Tom Magnus. Graham McDonald.
Ted Megas. Here is Jeff Johansen at Leon Mott's table. Leon Mott is not pictured.
Chris Munger of Northwest Specialty Woods. Duane Noble.
Ralph Novak (left). John Olson (left) discusses his Monsterball vise with Tom Ribbecke.
Ron Fernandez (left) with Alberto Paredes at Alberto’s exhibit table. Ben Patron brought an antique “doghouse bass” for the special exhibition of Venerable instruments. He couldn’t resist using it to illustrate an extemporaneous lecture on the development of American pop bass styles.
Richard Pielou. Here is Trevor Healy holding Tim Reede's guitar. Here is a photo of Tim Reede.
James Ringelspaugh showed a steel string guitar. Dude, the neck’s on crooked! Mark Roberts.
Todd Rose (left) explains his alto guitar to a gaggle of exhibition browsers including Mike Conklin and Tom Erhardt (at right, auction nickname Grant from Eastenders). This is Robert Ruck's table, but he is not in the photo. Here's a picure of him.
Jim Schlosser plays one of his guitars. Alan Simcoe.
Danae Spencer of Orphic Airs. Les Stansell shows off his offerings of Port Orford Cedar and other fine tone woods.
Gene Stephensen (right). John Thayer.
David Tolo with his daughter. Mark Swanson (left) visits JoAnn Tompkins’ Rescue Pearl table.
Benz Tschannen. Chuck Tweedy (right).
Jim Wehrmacher. Jim Worland (right).
January Williams facilitated an exhibition of “Venerable” instruments brought by members. Daedalus Wyss showed his acoustic and electric guitars. Daedalus also improvised a sock-puppet performance during the GAL Benefit auction.
Brian Yarosh. Jeffrey Yong.

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