2008 G.A.L. Convention

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The silent auction is under way. Susan Grider Williams (auction nickname Mrs. Finger) shows them how it’s done: she writes in her bid as the countdown nears zero.
H. Tolentino (center, in white) and Lars Smith (auction nickname Jazz Beard) discuss their winnings.
Score! “Jazz Beard” brings his prize to the cashier’s table, staffed by GAL Board Treasurer Deb Olsen, assisted by GAL Board Secretary Bon Henderson. Harry Fleishman (left) and Denis Merrill aree also in line.
At the live auction, GAL Board member and Convention Coordinator Todd Brotherton serves as the “lovely assistant” to auctioneer and GAL staffer Kurt Kendall. GAL staffer Dale Phillips records the bids. Todd is displaying photos of the whimsical art banners being auctioned. These remarkable block-printed and hand-painted banners, original artwork by GAL member Fred Carlson, have been highlights of the last several GAL Benefit Auctions.
January Williams and Susan Grider Williams (auction nicknames Mr. and Mrs. Finger) used illuminated plastic fingers to make their bidding more outstanding. These enhanced prosthetic digits were a thoughtful gift from GAL member Don Bradley.
Todd draws our attention to live Port Orford cedar trees donated by Les Stansell.
The Little Man goes home to Healdsburg with Natalie Swango (left) of Luthiers Mercantile (auction name Pen Dropper). Coworker Darlene Eddinger (right) will get to enjoy his company for the next few years too. He’s traveled this great land of ours and seen many changes. Who knows what may adventures may lie in store this time?

2008 GAL Benefit Auction Donors

Acoustic Guitar Magazine: 1/3 page full color advertising in Acoustic Guitar magazine, 6 1-year subscriptions to Acoustic Guitar magazine.Steven Andersen: German spruce top wood, Englemann spruce top wood, 2 Fishman archtop guitar pickups.Dave Bertoncini: 4 Sitka spruce guitar tops, guitar back and side wood.Alain Bieber: 2 instrument making books: Cahier d'atelier and Instrumentistes et Luthiers Parisiens. • Jim Bonnell: Plans for Fox side bender and Woolson neck tenon fixture.Jimmy and Vonda Brown: 27 back issues GAL Quarterly journals.RE Brune: Collection of lutherie-related materials from the collection of HE Huttig - drawings, plans, templates, etc.James Buckland: 2 CDs (Sonatas & Fantasies for Guitars) and guitar t-shirt.Fred Carlson: 32 original hand-colored woodcut art banners.Brent Cole Sr., Alaska Specialty Woods: Sitka spruce mandolin tops, alder grilling boards for BBQ.Bruce Creps, Notable Woods: Koa back and sides.Steven Dewey: Set of ten notecards of Dewey Guitar series by NW artist Judy Howard.James Einolf: Book The Acoustic Guitar - Adjustment, Care, Maintenance and Repair (out of print), guitar refridgerator magnets, 4" heavy-wall aluminum conduit for bending iron.Jeffrey Elliott: 2 Hauser guitar plan t-shirts.Ron Fernandez: French polishing kit - 16 packs of supplies plus French polishing DVD. • Harry Fleishman, Luthiers School International: Tuition for two seminars to the Luthiers School International: Frets, Nuts, and Setup; and Acoustic Guitar Pickup Making and Design.Dan Fobert: Decorative wooden box.Charles Fox: Tuition for Contemporary Guitar Making course with Charles Fox.David Freeman, Timeless Instruments: 8 AAA Sitka spruce guitar tops, 3 bearclaw Sitka spruce tops, 2 mahogany neck blanks, one-piece Douglas fir top.Gulab Gidwani, Exotic Woods Co.: 5 ebony fretboard blanks, 4 bubinga fretboard blanks.Myles Gilmer, Gilmer Wood Co.: 4 piece snakewood guitar set, billet of high-figured snakewood, 2 campherwood burls, 2 pieces quartersawn figured European pearwood billets for back and sides.Bob Gleason, Pegasus Guitars & Ukuleles: Koa guitar back and sides.Steve Grimes: 2 Grimes Guitars t-shirts.Jack Hastings: Plunge dremel, Foredom piece, fret bender.Duane Heilman, Black Bear Guitars: Spamdolin, late 1800s European guitar, Russian olive wood, 4 chunks apricot wood, 25-year air-dried koa wood 4x4.Bill Hibdon, Hibdon Hardwood: Figured mahogany back and sides, crotch-figured cocobolo back and sides w/ headplate, fretboards, T'zalam back and sides.Doyle Hughes: 2 bottles Stampede Cellars wine.David C Hurd: 2 copies of the book Reasearch Papers in Violin Acoustics 1975-1993 by Carleen Hutchins.Chris Jenkins: The Cowboy Uke: custom made and painted ukulele.Oby Johnson, Targo Woods: Western bigleaf fiddleback maple, 20 years airdried.Stephen Kinnaird: Epiphone steel string guitar (fixer-upper), Alvarez classic guitar, rosette cutter with extra blades.Chris and Glenda Klumper, Luthiertool Company: Binding cutting base.Luthier's Mercantile International: 5 Russian rosettes, acrylic jumbo guitar template, acrylic dreadnaught guitar template, flame myrtlewood back and sides, Engelmann spruce jumbo master grade top, African blackwood back and sides, Camatillo rosewood back and sides, book Making Master Guitars by Roy Courtnall, headstock jig for classical guitar.Frederick Lyman: Tools and instrument parts: 4 assorted chisels, drawknife, 4 spoon gouges, 7 lathe turning tools, set of 17 saws, 4 purfling cutters and 2 peg shavers, block with 4 sharpening stones, fretwire, violin building supplies (purfling, strings, bow blanks, sides and more), 3 Japanese saws, 36 files, hoof tools and finger drawknife, Wagner Saftey planer, box of wood, 13 stands, 3 sets upright bass tuners, 6 misc. tailpieces, 2 knives, palm gouges, chisel, box of sharpening stones, box of 29 files, bass fiddle, planes, 26 chisels, mitre box, 16 scrapers and 32 blades, box of 20 chisels, violin, bass neck (monkey head), 12 pc micro carving set, chisels and chisel handles, 11 planes, spoke blade, 3 profile reproducers, chisel set, 5 bass frogs, 10 gouges, 7 sanding belts, 6 Diamond brand chisels, 10 rasps and blades, 9 violin bows and extra horsehair, coping saw, 2 dowling jigs, draw blade, scraper, plane blades, dovetail jigs, box of misc. tuners, 2 upright bass necks, 16 scrapers, Catgut Acoustical Society magazines, Experimental Musical Instruments magazines,The Strad magazines, Strings magazines, Bass International magazines, Bass World magazines, American Lutherie magazines, drill bits, reamers, Unimat SL lathe.Graham McDonald: 3 mandolin tops.Jon Mickelson: The Little Man.Chris Munger, Northwest Specialty Woods: Master grade Western red cedar top, 2 Sitka spruce bearclaw tops, 2 dreadnought-size Engelmann spruce tops, 5 spruce wedges, 3 Engelmann spruce classic-size tops.Anamaria Paredes & family: 3 CDs of Colombian music.Ken Picou: Robo-sander.Tom Ribbecke: Tuition to lutherie instruction course with Tom Ribbecke.Ervin Somogyi: Large original painting (luthier in his shop), veneer, 2 li'l nippers, small block wood, 1/2 gallon Titebond glue, 6 VHS tapes (Story of English, Taylor on Guitars), press, pearl motif inlay, 2 guitar necks, 2 1-lb bags of hide glue,Franz electronic metronome, 2 luthier gag books and "New Guitar smell spray", 2 sets classical guitar tuners.Timothy Spittle, Australian Tonewoods: Australian blackwood binding strips.Les Stansell, Stansell Guitars: Port Orford cedar AAA grade guitar top, 28 disease resistant Port Orford cedar seedlings.Stewart MacDonald: Waverly classical guitar tuners, 2 sets Irving Sloane antiqued classical guitar tuners, 2 sets Irving Sloane classical guitar tuners, pickup parts (2 humbuckers & 1 Tele), Waverly F-style mandolin tuners, neck relief gauge, 2 spools pickup coil wire, Schatten pickup winder, nut-slotting gauge.Summit School of Guitar Building & Repair: Tuition to repair course at Summit School, Summit School t-shirt, book Guitarmaking Tradition and Technology by Cumpian and Natelson.Benz Tschannen: Classic guitar (fixer-upper).Tim White: Back issues of Journal of Guitar Acoustics.Brian Yarosh: 35 pieces burl and spalted wood for segmented rosettes.

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