2008 G.A.L. Convention
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Lutheirs arrive Wednesday noonish to get their name tags and dorm keys.

GAL publication sales were brisk on Friday.
Trevor Healy, Tim Frick and another joker at dinner. Harry can’t wait.

Here’s a fun group of diners: (from left) Tim Spittle, K.L. Leong, Annett Mateo, Jay Hargreaves, Eric Foulke, Jeffrey Yong.

The GAL is family-friendly. John Cross has breakfast with the kids.
Off-campus fine dining. Elliott John-Conry hits the town with friends and co-workers. Duane Nobel (left) admires the guitar walking stick, here proudly demonstrated in its ambulatory function by its builder Lauren Merritt.
Bowed instruments were a new addition to the Forderer exhibition this time. Again this time, Jim Forderer (left) brought part of his amazing collection of instruments for a special exhibition. Here he discusses an old Gibson archtop with Frank Ford.
Eric Hielema (left), Dave Ardon (middle), and another fun-loving guy whose name tag I can't read in this photo enjoy instruments by Ben Patron. Erick has a guitar after Panormo and Dave has one after Torres. The other instruments are Ben's highly individualistic models.    

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