2008 G.A.L. Convention
Open House
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Gary Mannion (left) and Eric Anderson (right) at the GAL office.

GAL staffer Dale Phillips gets props from Veronica Merryfield.
Dale gives props to Graham McDonald; Denise Kitson pops up in the background. Careful where you point that thing, Dale! Jeff Elliott (left) and Todd Rose.

Deb Olsen relaxes with GAL members in the back yard of the GAL Office/Olsen residence.

In the front yard we find Denise Kitson, Patricia Cordoba, Alberto Paredes, and John Park. An Acer macrophyllum leaf makes a fine sun bonnet.
David Cohen, Tim Williams, Genii Williams, and American Lutherie Founding Editor Tim Olsen chat at Olsen’s desk in the GALHQ.    

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