2008 G.A.L. Convention
Staff & Helpers
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Deb and Tim Olsen: GAL Board Members and Tacoma staff. Tim is our founding editor and current editor and President. Deb is our treasurer and handles registration at the conventions.

Todd Brotherton: Todd is a GAL Board Member and Convention Coordinator. He comes up from his home and shop in Mt Shasta, CA to make these conventions happen.
Bon Henderson: GAL Board Member (Secretary) and Tacoma staff. You may get an email from her! Jon Peterson: Tacoma staff. Interviewing, editing, and photo work are his bailiwick.

Dale Phillips: Tacoma staff. Printing plans, webmastering, wholesale books; he does it all. And he organizes the auction at the convention.

Kurt Kendall (left): Tacoma staff. He does the mail ordering, so complain to him! He's the sales table guy and entertaining auctioneer at the convention.

Gary Pinkney (right): A friend who loves to help us out at convention time.

Cyndy Burton: A Contributing Editor for American Lutherie magazine. R.M. Mottola: A Contributing Editor for American Lutherie magazine.
Hap Newsom: A local member who volunteers to help with photography. Hap and his daughter Amanda logged thousands of digital photos onto the computer. Brian Stone: An Oregonian and former emergency medical officer, Brian volunteered to help with photography this time.
Isaac: Tim & Deb’s #1 son, attended his first convention at age 4 months. Helps with video recording the exhibitors. Sam Olsen: Tim & Deb’s #2 son, attended his first convention in utero. Helped out and got kicked out of electric open mike for being under 21.
Bjorn Peterson: Jon Peterson’s youngest, an able helper for sure.    

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