2011 G.A.L. Convention
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Al Carruth from Newport, NH returns to the GAL convention to conduct his workshop on “Hunting the Elusive Guitar Wolf”. Al gave workshops at the Boston Convention in 1979, which Bob Meltz (just behind Al in the yellow shirt) also attended 32 years ago. Once you come to a GAL convention, you are sure to return! Interested in Al’s discussion is Portland, Oregon member, Mark Guenther.
Jacksonville, OH luthier Erick Coleman (United Lutherie / Stewart MacDonald) and Evan Gluck from New York Guitar Repair team up for an intense electric guitar workshop on “Refining Factory Setups on Electric Guitars: Going the Extra Mile”.
Asheville, NC luthier, James Condino gives his hands-on approach to Hand Rubbed Sunburt Finishes. That’s Chris Oliver, Gary Lewandowski and Bob London intently watching the demonstration.
Guild members gather around to ask questions of Portland OR luthier John Greven after his workshop on “How to Build 48 Guitars a Year with Almost No Tooling”. That’s Shandon Murphy of San Mateo, CA at left, and Marc Theeuwes from San Jose, CA at right, enjoying the up close demonstration.
Perdue University prof Mark French participated in the Physics Seminar hosted by PLU physics prof and GAL member Bill Greenwood.
Evan Davis (left) studies the acoustics of large airplanes for the Boeing Company in Seattle, WA. John Silzel of Atwood, CA specializes in violins. They both participated in the Physics Seminar.
Contributing Editor RM Mottola of Newton, MA also participated in the Physics Seminar. Click the photo to see his T-shirt plugging Savart Journal, RM’s on-line research journal.
Founding GAL member, Richard Brune, from Evanston, IL holds his son Marshall Brune’s guitar. His presentation entitled “Lutherie: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” gave the GAL members a lot to think about as he shared his knowledge of the Lacey Act and how it will effect instrument making in the future.
Contributing Editor, Cyndy Burton of Portland, OR was again asked to moderate this year's Classic Guitar Listening Session. Guitarist Edel Muñoz, who also performed one of the evening concerts, played each instrument while the session attendees gave feedback. Guild staffer Dale Phillips assists.
Mike Doolin of Portland, OR conducts the Steel String Guitar Listening Session. Guitarist Mark Hanson (who also performed with Doug Smith at the Thursday night concert), was on board to play the many guitars brought by members, who then discussed the sound qualities of each instrument.
Gryphon Stringed Instrument’s Brian Michael and Alex Glasser from Palo Alto, CA teamed up for their workshop on “Acoustic Guitar Repair: Sweat the Details”. That’s Brian on the left and Alex on the right who chose to “go formal” for the occasion.
Luthier James Ham from Victoria, BC, Canada leads the workshop on the “Ultralight Cello and Other Heresies”. This photo also shows our colorful stage background using an enlarged image of one of the popular Fred Carlson banners.
What appears to be some kind of magic trick involving ordinary bottles of water is actually Stewart-MacDonald’s Don MacRostie and Mahopac, NY Luthier Gary Magliari giving their popular workshop entitled “Beyond the Rule of 18: Intonation for the 21st Century”.
Stephen Marchione came all the way from Houston, TX, to share his enthusiasm for lutherie in his informative workshop on “Rethinking the Semihollow Electric Guitar” as well as his lecture on “Archtop Guitar with an Italian Flair.”
Making guitars when most of the luthier-boomers were kids, Eugene Clark of Tacoma, WA shares his decades of lutherie experience in his workshop on the “Nuances of the Spanish Guitar.” His unique perspective always give members much food for thought.
You may know him as Kent, but his friends call him Carlos! Whatever you call him, K. Carlos Everett of Decatur, GA (on right) gave a great overview of the development of his tooling and techniques in his lecture “Guitar Workshop Evolution: One Luthier’s Journey.” And he and Mike Doolin demonstrate that friendship and camaraderie are an important feature of GAL Conventions!
The mandolin panel was a very popular addition to this year’s lectures. Moderated by Jeff Elliott of Portland, OR (left to right), Dave Cohen from Richmond VA, Lawrence Smart from Hailey, ID and Don MacRostie from Athens, OH discuss the Traditional and Contemporary Perspectives of the Mandolin Family.
When Charles speaks, luthiers listen! Charles Fox from the American School of Lutherie in Portland, OR demonstrates and explains a number of his efficient jigs and methods for his workshop entitled “Production Techniques for the Custom Luthier.”
Closing out the five days of lutherie information was a lecture by luthier Joe Konkoly of Grand Ledge, MI. His discussion of “Vintage Restoration: Plyaibility vs. Collectibility” was a wonderful way to end what many thought was a perfect line-up of quality speakers. He's the honcho at the Elderly Instruments lutherie shop.

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