2011 G.A.L. Convention
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Here's a happy group of fellows. (left to right) David Freeman, Denis Merrill, Jeff Elliott, and Charles Fox. Saeid Pirjamali (left) shows some of his Persian Instruments toAnne DeVitt and John McCartney
Paul Bristow (left) talks with Alastair Fordyce. Thailand luthier, Narongsak Visesnut shows his guitars.
R.E. Brune (left) and Jim Buckland decide to form a guitar duo. Mike Doolin talks about the tuning machines on his harp guitar.
Dave Bertoncini (left) talks with Adam Chan. Monica Esparza (left) makes small talk with Deb Olsen.
Patrick Huff of Doc's Banjos, plays a tune. Federico Sheppard (left) checks out Dmitry Zhevlakov's highly sought after rosettes.
Glen Burleigh, of Creative Juniper Source, shows off his prize set of wood. Don Bradley takes some time at his table to do a glitter test.
A blindfolded Peggy Stuart listens for tonal differences with and without a plug in the soundport of a guitar made by Al Carruth. Stephen Kinnaird (left) selects some backs and sides from Bruce Creps, of Notable Woods.
Fritz Mueller (left), Chris & Glenda Klumper Stephen Boone shows one of his small finger planes.
Jeffrey Yong (center) talks about guitars while a attendee provides some background music. Andrew Benson (left) demonstrates his innovative modular electric guitar.
Spencer Lerner (left) talks electric guitars with Brady Anderson. Ryan Middlebrook (right) lets his guitar be taken for a test drive.
Kerry Char (center) admires a guitar by Bruce Petros (right). Myles Gilmer makes a sale.
Students from the Lutherie-Guitare Braund in Montreal. Vincent Cleroux, Colin Prevost-Lemire, Antoine Coupal-Dalgleish Mark Roberts at his table.
Jenny Marcela Zapata Uribe (left) gives some insights about her guitars. Stefan Passernig (left) talks to Ken Jones (tan hat) and Nathan Ching about his mandolins.
Ron Fernandez (left) is checking out a ukulele made by Scott Wise. Eric Padilla (left), of Carmel Guitar Co. talks with Eric Anderson.
Chad Sobadash (right) asks about the chisels/gouges that were made by Levi Wytcherleym's grandpa in the 1860s. Oby Johnson (left) and his son, Ahmani, pose for our camera.
A convention attendee holds an 1816 Martinez Salon Guitar (GAL Plan #36) made by Dan Wilson (right). Dan is comparing features to a baroque guitar made by luthier Daniel Larson of Duluth MN. Aaron Andrews shows one of his guitars.
Ben Patron shows his latest development in the “Chicken Ranch Roof” metal-body guitar series. (left to right) Luis Fernandez de Cordoba, John Park, Walter Pais enjoy some music.
Nicolai Gerebtzoff (right) explains more about his guitars to Devon Rogers. James Condino and Sean Thompson share a laugh during the Exhibition.
Michael Giltzow (left), Steve Franco (holding guitar), and Leo Peterson Lester DeVoe (right) makes Pauletta Brune laugh.
Barbara Millikan at the Venerables table. Lawrence Smart (left) talks about his guitars to Pat Megowan.
Marc Theeuwes (left) has a chat with John Schroeder . Tip House at his table.

Herb Taylor (left) shows a guitar to Lorne Max Renshaw.

Wally Bell (left) and Terry Docherty have an impromtu jam session.
Kerry Char (left) talks with GD Armstrong. Herb Taylor (left) shows his guitar to Charlie Dunford.
Len Laviolette (left) talks with Cyndy Burton. Al Carruth (right) explains the blind soundport plugging experiment.
Luisa, Michael and Elena De Luca talk with R.M. Mottola (right). Brent Cole (second from left), of Alaska Specialty Woods, does some business.
Jeff Medlin serenades during the Exhibition. (left to right) Dick Cogger, Chris Hogan talk with Peter Tsiorba at his table.
Alastair Fordyce (left) talks with Michael McCarten. Jeff Elliott (left) shows his classic guitar to Kathy Matsushita and Dick Cogger.
Chuck Erickson, the "Duke of Pearl", at his table David Freeman, of Timeless Instruments fame, happily shows his guitar.
Dave Cohen (left) and Jim Ham talk mandolins. Kent Carlos Everett (right) entertains Stephen Johnson (center) and guest.
Elias Perez (left) talks guitars with R.M. Mottola. Blaine England (right) shows off his unique instruments.
Nathan Ching (left) and guest Kimo Hussey (black t-shirt) talk to ukulele builder Dan Ryerson. Pat Megowan (left) checks out the sound of Duffy Callaway's guitar.
John Schroeder's mountain dulcimer playing attracts a crowd. Chris Herrod (left), of Luthier's Mercantile, is kept busy with customers.
Jay Dickenson (right) talks steel string guitars with a attendee. Jay Hargreaves (right) talks about the Kasha design.
(left to right) Mike McGovern, Erick Coleman and Don MacRostie at the Stewart MacDonald's table.    

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