2011 G.A.L. Convention

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At the silent acution preview Kathy Matsushita and Don Bradley discuss bidding on some auction items. Meanwhile R.E. Brune's bid is still stuck in his teeth. All eyes were on the exciting GAL auction.
Everyone gathers around each table up for bid during the silent auction. Bidders take turns marking their names on bid sheets as the end time approaches. Everybody gathers round the tables hoping their bid will stick before the countdown is over. That dynamic duo, Grace and Gene Beck are still hanging in there, deciding how high they should go.
At left Charles Fox gets his last bid in while Bill Styler looks on. David Freeman enjoys the frenzy. Grace and Gene Beck decide if they really want that auction item as final seconds count down. Walt and Brenda DeLong are also seriously watching their chosen item. The PLU Jumbo Screen paid off in a hilarious way during the live auction of The "Howling Monkey" headstock. While Todd worked the image to go up and down on the big screen, Kurt made weird howling noises. This was the second appearance of this unique item.
Time to “pay up” for Paul Dimond and David Freeman. Jeff Elliott and Cyndy Burton check the “spoils” from David’s bid after the silent auction mayhem. Many happy winners head for the door with their coveted lutherie items. As you can see, the GAL members love the silent auction just as much as the live auction held later that night. Bargains were found by almost everyone!
Todd Brotherton displays the wares during the live auction while Kurt Kendall entices a bidding war. Staffer Dale Phillips takes notes on his handy clipboard. There’s always a big turnout for the GAL auction and this year was no exception. For the sixth year, GAL staffer Kurt Kendall proved to be a hilarious and efficient auctioneer. Todd Brotherton holds up the item and Kurt keeps the bids coming.
Good thing Todd Brotherton is in shape as he worked feverishly to show off all the auction items. Here Todd displays a lovely sets of tops while Kurt explains how to pose with your hand on your hip. We were lucky to have a big “jumbo screen” at this year’s auction. Auction assistant Isaac Olsen looks on. On the left, Walt DeLong examines a box of something interesting, while Jim Buckland watches the countdown video made by Isaac Olsen on the big screen. Is Jeff Scholl biting his pinky hoping nobody will outbid him or picking something out of his teeth like R.E. Brune? What was served for lunch? Ben Patron is amused by the whole experience.

2011 GAL Benefit Auction Donors

Acoustic Guitar Magazine: One-third page color advertising in Acoustic Guitar magazine, six subscriptions to Acoustic Guitar magazine. Darrell Adams: Six Stewart MacDonald "Hot Rod" truss rods, one truss rod. Allred & Associates: Gemini carbon fiber D-tube neck beam & epoxy adhesive, three Gemini carbon fiber clamps, two sets of six carbon fiber reinforcemnts & epoxy adhesive. Ken Altman: Twenty-five VSA Journals. James Buckland: Four CDs of Sonatas & Fantasies for Guitar. Glenn Burleigh, Creative Juniper Source: Western juniper set. Larry Burt Estate (Betty Burt): Micronta 21-Range Multitester, Garrett Wade 24" Bow Saw with extra blades, back saw, coping saw, Hold Heat Automatic Glue Pot (never used), 1120 RPM grinder with two high quality grinding wheels with wheel guards and shields, Veritas grinder tool rest, Veritas precision honing guide, Veritas blade angle jig, Tischler Werkzeug 23.5" jointer plane, Stanley 60 1/2 low-angle block plane with Hock blade, Stanley 9 1/2 block plane with toothed Hock Blade, Lie-Nielsen #164 low-angle smoothing plane, Hock 1 3/8" block plane blade with 5/8" slot, flat scraper, about 1 mm thick, in Veritas holder, German goose neck scraper, 0.8mm, Veritas tri-burnisher for scrapers,Veritas grinding jig for checking plane blade angles, violin-makers' knives with Hock blades with custom-made handles, 1/4"Hock knife blade, Spyderco ceramic whetstones (medium, fine, ultra fine), guitar making books, Stewart MacDonald digital micrometer (in case), Versa Vise, Dremel router table (in box), two Japanese chisels (1/2" and 3/4"), Bridge City Toolworks center rule (45 cm), Axxol precision steel square, Stewart MacDonald file handle, two stainless steel bending straps for violin and guitar, sandpaper, ukelele backs & side sets, guitar fretboard and bridge blanks, brace materials, miscellaneous small tools (clamps, etc). Bruce Creps, Notable Woods: Koa back and side AAA jumbo size set, pheasant wood ukulele back and sides. Craig Currier: Three pair guitar-themed undershorts. Jeffrey Elliiott: GAL Instrument Plan t-shirt, GAL Instrument plan t-shirt and DVD presentation. Kent Carlos Everett: GAL 1984 Convention t-shirt. Ron Fernandez: Two sets classical guitar tuners, seven instrument making and guitar related books, VHS tape on inlay techniques. Harry Fleishman: Three day course with Harry Fleishman at Luthiers School International. Mark Fondrk Estate (Carin Olson): Juan Hernandez Flamenca Cipres flamenco guitar, 5-string Eagle banjo in superior case, Veritas twin screw vise cast-iron-base workbench with bench dogs and hooks, shop-made Fox-style side bender, large gray metal 3-tray tool cart on wheels, wooden workbench with vise 2'x3', Go-bar deck with MaxGain systems go-bar sticks, flip-top portable work table, drafting table, wooden wood drying rack, pipe frame for top testing, rope and wedge set for joining plates, Grizzley machinists vise, Bosch jig saw, Makita random orbit sander, Porter-Cable circular saw, laminate trimmer, Dremel Multipro Rotary Tool, Bosch router, Ryobi 8” bench grinder, Grizzly stone Viking grinder, Ryobi metal grinding wheel, Grizzly grinding wheel, Bishop Cochran plunge router base, Stew-Mac Dremel base, Dremel base, Waverly Dremel base, drill press chuck, misc. grinder accessories, Makita 6" dado set, Bosch Lomb stereo microscope, Milwaukee 1220 heat gun, Hold-Heet automatic 1 qt glue pot, Ibex bending iron, BK Precision 4 MHz sweep function generator, GW Instek GOS-620 oscilloscope, Dual microphone pre-amplifier, Korg Chromatic tuner, Mode Microphone with shield & stand, headphones, clothes iron, Veritas 17" plane, Veritas 9" scraper plane, Bailey 9" plane #4,Groz 14" plane #5, Stanley block plane, Ulmia 9" wood plane, Anant 10" plane with toothed blade, Stanley handyman 14" plane, 12 Swiss gouges, 6 rifflers, 9 knives, Veritas flush plane, Stanley #90 plane, Record #091/2 plane, 4 small round-bottom planes, purfling cutter, peg tools (reamer, 2 shapers, drops, chaulk), 4 caliper and 2 compasses, protractor, machinist's bits, 6 StewMac nut files, fret tools (2 files, 2 nippers hammer), marking guage, purfling cutter, rosette cutter, 4 small saws, 3 small carving chisels, large gouge, 5 cabinet scrapers, 3 tiny scrapers, 2 burnishers, bits for hand brace (2 adjustable, 9 straight), bag of small bits, 3 spring clamps, 3 clamps, mitre clamp, spool clamp, bin of misc. small tools, Ibex rule and 2 straight edges, 7 piece Forstner drill bit set, 25 piece brad point drill bit set, Stanley surform rasp, Veritas Optical Center punch, Ohaus triple beam scale, Doweling Jig Stanley No. 59, Stanley hand brace, Stanley screw & drill bit set, steel square, Metropolitan stationary dial indicator caliper, Grizzly calipers, Mituteyo micrometer calipers (set of 2), German dial indicator calipers, 3 clamps, 6 Jorgensen clamps, 4 orange Jorgenson bar clamps, 5 engraving tools, short sureform rasp, 3 rasps, 2 short heavy bar clamps, parts for spool clamps, Craftsman back saw, Stew-Mac back saw, small steel square, cabinet scraper, Lee Valley Japanese water stone 8000 sharpening stone, King 1200 sharpening stone, set of gouge sharpening stones, Carborundum stone, India stone, machinists' flat stone, small sanding block, 2 plane blades, 2 white dusting brushes, chisel mallet, thermometer, mahogany guitar neck, Spanish cedar heel block blank, instrument wood (neck blanks, sides, backs), veneer strips, veneers, 8 sets classic guitar strings, 2 LMII mosaic rosettes, bone nut and saddle set, 12 pegs, dyes, 8 jars dry hide glue, 20 stickers for wood storage, 10 big 4' stickers for wood storage, 20 copies American Lutherie, 30 musical acoustic books, 12 guitar picture books, 26 instrument making books, 13 guitar repair books, 17 music performance books & magazines, 18 general woodworking books, 15 misc. books, 5 misc. VHS tapes, small tool box, Kapro set & match layout tool, misc hardware. David Freeman: Three sets Sitka spruce AA tops, two sets Douglas fir tops, four sets bearclaw Sitka spruce tops, cherry neck stock and neck block. RJ Fulton, Mountain View Luthier School: One week course at Mountain View Luthier School covering nut and saddle fabrication, fret leveling, set up, troubleshooting. Myles Gilmer, Gilmer Wood: East Indian rosewood and Santos rosewood guitar fingerboards (six pieces), Guatemalan rosewood four-piece guitar set. Hibdon Hardwood Inc: Figured maple neck blank, hard maple neck blank, two Honduras mahogany neck blanks, two Spanish cedar neck blanks, Spanish cedar heel block, two black walnut neck blanks. International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative: Book: The Conservation, Restoration, and Repair of Stringed Instruments and their Bows. Luthiers Mercantile Int: 1st grade African blackwood back and sides, headstock slotting and drilling jig for classical guitar, spalted Manchinga from Peru, 1st grade flamed European maple back and sides, three 1st grade ebony fingerboards. Bob Laughlin: Book: Classic Guitar Making by Overholtzer. Greg Nelson: GuitarMaking Tradition & Technology signed by author Wm Cumpiano, four disk DVD set Building a Steel String Acoustic Guitar with Greg Nelson. Hap Newsom: Classic guitar; book Acoustic Guitars, An Illustrated Encyclopedia. Robert O'Brien: Online classical guitar building course: 25 hours, 150 video lessons. Deb Olsen: Three-year old fungus-resistant Port Orford cedar tree. Ben Patron, Mi$er Music: Fret "board". Bruce Petros, Petros Guitars: Purflex Celtic 2, set of four. Ken Picou Design: Complete "Luthiers Friend" Robo Sander with jigs and documentation. Peter Prier & Sons Violins: Fifteen DVD set of Peter Prier violin construction. Jose Romanillos: Book Vihuela de mano & the Spanish Guitar, signed by Jose Romanillos. Tom Ribbecke: One day one-on-one lutherie instruction with Tom Ribbecke at his shop. Paul Schuback: headstock and neck posters. Matt Senecal: Twenty mahogany guitar tops, a hundred Engelmann spruce guitar tops, sixty-two Western red cedar guitar top sets, a hundred sheets of Nato laminate for guitar tops or backs. Federico Sheppard: Binding trimming jig. Sherry-Brenner, Ltd of Madrid: Woods aged 35+ years: Indian rosewood set (palosanto), Western red cedar top (Spanish pine), Bavarian spruce top. Bob Smith: Set of fingerstyle guitar CDs. Stewart-MacDonald: Waverly mandolin tuners (satin silver w/ ivoroid knobs), StewMac fret arbor press and table, spalted maple top for solidbody guitar, StewMac mandolin kit w/ MacRostie video, three dual-grit diamond crowning files, Waverly tuners (nickle w/ black pearl knobs), flamed maple top wood for carved-top solidbody, Don MacRostie binding trimmer and bit, StewMac engraved tuners for slot-head guitar (relic finish). Dean Story: Book: Complete Guitar Repair. Peggy Stuart: In Search of the Wild Dulcimer book and LP signed by artist Force and d'Ossche. Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair: Summit School two week repair course. Natalie Swango: "The Little Man". Mark Swanson: Two "fretboard" bolo ties. United Lutherie, Erick Coleman: Ellie Erickson electric guitar. Wilfried Ulrich: Book & CD: The Story of Hummel. Narongsak Visesnut: Five fret rules for steel string guitar. Waldron Instruments: Complete mandolin templates and molds (back & top) for duplicator, complete archtop templates and archtop back holding mold. January Williams & Susan Grider-Williams: Black locust guitar and back sides, howling monkey scroll bass fiddle neck. Jeffrey Yong: Four monkey pod wood back and sides. Carmen Gonzalez Zapata: Four magnetic guitar-shaped bottle openers, three guitar player pins, little boy that needs mending. Dmitry Zhevlakov: Set of twenty-three rosettes, single rosette.

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