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American Lutherie #79
Fall Issue 2004
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Page 6 — Eight Concerns of Highly Successful Guitar Makers by R.E. Brune

Rosette of a 1974 R.E. Brune guitar Peghead of a 1977 R.E. Brune guitar Rosette of a 1977 R.E. Brune guitar Peghead of a 1991 R.E. Brune guitar
Rosette from a
1974 Brune guitar.
Peghead from a
1977 Brune guitar.
Rosette from a
1977 Brune guitar.
Peghead from a
1991 Brune guitar.
Rosette of a 1991 R.E. Brune guitar Bridge of a 1991 R.E. Brune guitar    
Rosette from a
1991 Brune guitar.
Bridge from a
1991 Brune guitar.

Audio files of R.E. Brune speaking at the 2001 GAL Convention.

Page 6 - Every time I go to the recording studio....
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Page 8 - Oye Pepe! Ven aca!.....
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Page 34 — Hands-On Archtop Mandolin Making, Part Five by Peggy Stuart

Don MacRostie now sprays Red Mahogany on mandolin back Red Mahogany has been applied Don MacRostie now sprays Tobacco Brown on mandolin back Don MacRostie sprays Tobacco Brown on front of mandolin
Don MacRostie shows mandolin back after done spraying sunburst colors Don MacRostie now stains the mandolin back After staining the back, Don MacRostie then stains the top of the mandolin Don MacRostie first tries diatomaceous earth and pumice and chose the pumice
Don MacRostie used a small amount of walnut oil to shellac on the top And the same for the back Peggy Stuart with her finished sunburst mandolin  

References Allied Lutherie; primarily wood supplies, some tools and hardware. Look here for courses offered at American School of Lutherie and links to more information. Website for certified mando-maniacs, includes TablEdit software and tablature files for downloading and more information on mandolin than you dreamed could be available in one source. Harbor Freight Tool on-line catalog, a source for inexpensive tools and dial indicators. Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. On-line catalog for luthier’s tools and supplies. See also, McMaster-Carr, L.A. Tool Supply Co. This site is an inventor’s dream store. Jig-meisters beware your credit card maximum is in jeopardy! Don MacRostie’s mandolin website. Excellent photos of his mandolins. Includes a list of his work and known owners. Stewart-MacDonald on-line catalog for luthier’s tools and supplies. Including .012 stainless steel strap used in side bender and “floppy” neck template.

Page 48 — A Crop of Tuning Machines for Slotted-Head Steel String Guitars by Todd Rose

Web links from Sources section found on page 57

Hosokawa & Co., Ltd.
Nagoya, Japan
Phone: 81-52-796-1588
Grover Musical Products
Cleveland, Ohio
Santa Cruz Guitar Company
Santa Cruz, California
Phone: 831-425-0999

Waverly Tuners
(a subsidiary of Stewart-MacDonald)

Schaller electronic
Pavelsbach, Germany
Phone: 49(0)9180-9100

Gilbert Tuners
Greg and Val Matonis
Redwood City, California
Phone: 650-364-6677

Rodgers Tuning Machines
Leicester, England
Phone: 44 (0)116 2393071

Miller Acoustic Guitar Equipment
Rainer M˜ller
Buus, Switzerland
Phone: 41 61 841 17 50

Dell’Arte Instruments
Santee, California
Phone: 619-596-7739

Eimers Guitars
Ijsselstein, Netherlands
Phone: 31 30 242 2765

Luthiers Mercantile International
Healdsburg, California
Phone: 800-477-4437

Houston, Texas
Phone: 713-466-6414

International Luthiers Supply, Inc.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Phone: 918-835-4181

Elderly Instruments
Lansing, Michigan
Phone: 888-473-5810

Athens, Ohio
Phone: 800-848-2273

Guitars International
(U.S. Source for Rodgers tuning machines)
Phone: 216-752-7502
Jacques Mazzoleni
Glen Arm, Maryland
Phone: 410-817-9181

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