Cover of American Lutherie #80 shows a unusual neck angle adjustment mechanism in a 1830 Rene Lacote guitar

American Lutherie #80
Winter Issue 2004
Web Extras

Page 4 - Carving the Lute Rose by Ervin Somogyi from his 2001 GAL Convention workshop

Ervin Somogyi shows how he carves a lute rose Ervin shows how he carses a overpass and underpass in the lute rose

Page 10 - Prepare to Meet the Maker: Frank Ford
by Jonathon Peterson

Outside view of Gryphon String Instrument shop in Palo Alto, California Inside view of the Gryphon Stringed Instrument repair shop Frank Ford (right), and Richard Johnston circa 1974 Outside view of The F-Stop

Page 22 - A Savart-Style Upright Bass. Constructing a Simple 34" Scale Upright Bass Suitable for Bass Guitarists
by R.M. Mottola

Unfinished Savart-style upright bass by R.M. Mottola Finished Savart-style upright bass by R.M. Mottola

Michael Bean on the Canotto bass

Multi-instrumentalist Michael Bean performing "Canoe Paddle Shuffle" on the Canotto bass.

Author RM Mottola says:
I just got a pointer to pictures of the most whimsical instruments. A while back Francecso Arecco emailed me with questions about my Canotto Savart style upright bass. He had been commissioned to build a couple of tiny basses by a teacher specifically for pedagogical purposes. He wanted the instrument to have two strings, frets, and be (more or less) cello size, and he wanted them to be able to stand up on their own. And of course he wanted them to be relatively cheap to build and that is what attracted Francesco to the Canotto. They are really cute overall, but the killer (for me) is the painted bottom panel and access door. Really nice!

Page 38 - Removable and Adjustable Necks for Classical Guitars
by Alain Bieber

Lacote adjustable neck Front view of Fabricatore guitar Back view of Fabricatore guitar

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