American Lutherie #81 cover shows the interior of a 2002 Steve Kauffman steel string guitar

American Lutherie #81
Spring Issue 2005
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Page 8 - Structuring Acoustics with Carbon Fiber by Steve Kauffman

Bidirectional carbon fabric in cured form Carbon bar stock and wood sandwiched between carbon Carbon being used in combination with an adjustable truss rod Opposite end of truss rod and carbon fiber Entire view of carbon/wood used with adjustable truss rod
Channel in neck to accept truss rod truss rod is set in channel Nut is tightened before leveling fingerboard Another view of the truss rod Truss rod firmly sits in channel
Wishbone bracing system Wishbone bracing is glued to the soundboard and notched into the linings      

Page 22 - Guitar Swap! by John Calkin and Steve Kinnaird

John Calkin (left) and Stephen Kinnaird moments after swapping guitars John Calkin holds the guitar that Stephen Kinnaird made Steve Kinnaird is amazed at the craftmanship of the guitar made by John Calkin

Page 26 - Prepare to Meet the Maker: Kevin La Due by Cyndy Burton

An efficient tool rack used to keep order A view of the shop Another view of the shop Kevin La Due at the guitar construction class of Vestal High School Bridge slotting jig

Page 46 - Prepare to Meet the Maker: Bob Jones by Bruce Calder

Bob Jones and several instruments displayed on the wall An 1840s Martin owned by Bob Jones The neck block sits on a spruce girdle A nice set of Gibson mandolin orchestra instruments
A Selmer Maccaferri factory built with a 6-string and a tenor neck A set of Martin ukuleles in various sizes Front view of a set of three Loar mandolins Back view of a set of three Loar mandolins  

Page 62 - Questions Edited by Cyndy Burton

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Question regarding lighting for photography, lightbulbs are available from MaxLite HighMax.
Photo book recommendation - Digital Desktop Studio Photography by Rick Ashley and Dennis Curtin is available from Shortcourses.
Tips on photographing instruments, see Frank Ford's website

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