American Lutherie #83 cover shhows the rosette by Ermanno Chiavi

American Lutherie #83
Fall Issue 2005
Web Extras

Page 6 — Measuring Archtop Musical Instruments by Chris Burt

Using a square Marking the body outline for a template Chris Burt measuring the top thickness

Page 14 The Cole Clark Guitar by Michael Finnerty and Bradley Clark

The heel end of the formed neck shown face down Top of the heel Peghead is grafted to the neck shaft Machined recesses for the top braces Shallow trenches are cut into the underside of the top to keep the braces from skidding around
Back braces are let in to shallow pockets The groove in the top plate is ready to receive the ribs The top and main braces fit into the neck heel    

Page 18 Restoring Tárrega's 1888 Torres by Jeffrey Elliott

The top joint above the soundhole is open and agape on this 1888 Torres guitar The repaired label is glued into place on this 1888 Torres guitar Closeup of the restored 1888 Torres guitar You can see the plastic tuning button on the 1st string mechanism

Page 42 Quick Cuts: The 13-string Chiavi-Miolin Guitar by Johannes Labusch

Front of the peghead of a 13-string Chiavi-Miolin guitar Back view of the peghead of the 13-string Chiavi-Miolin guitar View of the neck heel 13-string Chiavi Miolin guitar

Page 44 Meet the Maker: Jay Hargreaves by Todd Rose

Old photo of Jay Hargreaves Another acoustic bass by Jay Hargreaves Jayhawk acoustic bass bracing, front and back A completed Jayhawk acoustic bass guitar Jay Hargreave's interpretation of a Kasha-style fingered bridge

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