American Lutherie #84 shows the able  hands of luthier Chris Burt marking the edge of a violin back plate

American Lutherie #84
Winter Issue 2005
Web Extras

Page 6 — 19th-Century Rosette Marquetry for 21st-Century Guitars by Gregory Byers

Folded ribbon by Greg Byers Diamonds, ladders, and folded ribbon by Greg Byers The central section of this rosette is a folded ribbon surrounded by two rings of ladder pattern This rosette has wheat set in bird's eye maple, surrounded by chains and something that is related to folded ribbon This has about as much as can be crammed into this style of rosette
A rosette need not be the same inside and out.        

Page 18 Meet the Maker: Del Langejans by Mark Swanson

Left to right: Earl Klugh, Del Langejans and unknown person That's Del in the middle, with his customer Earl Klugh on the left.
Del Langejans side bender Del's customer Thom Bresh has some interesting information about the double-neck, double-top guitar.

Page 28 Manuel Reyes: Guitarrero by R.E. Bruné

Peghead of a 1959 Manuel Reyes guitar Rosette of a 1963 Manuel Reyes guitar front view of a 1970 Manuel Reyes guitar Back view of a 1970 Manuel Reyes guitar Peghead of a 1970 Manuel Reyes guitar
Peghead of
1959 guitar
Rosette of
1963 guitar
Front of
1970 guitar
Back of
1970 guitar
Peghead of
1970 guitar
Rosette of a 1970 Manuel Reyes guitar Label of a 1970 Manuel Reyes guitar    
Rosette of
1970 guitar
Label of
1970 guitar
Bridge of
1970 guitar

Author R.E. Brune has an informative website:

The 2003 Reyes Flamenco Guitar plan was drawn by Tom Blackshear. He also has a nice website:

Also check out the website of Chris Kamen, the dealer who owned the guitar at the time it was drawn by Tom Blackshear:

Page 57 Product Reviews by Keith Davis

Keith Davis reviewed The Luthier's Friend, a sanding attachment for a drill press. Here's the website for The Luthier's Friend:

Page 58 Reviews by James Condino, Randy DeBey, and John Calkin

Our Reviews column featured four publications. Here's a link for each:

Setup and Repair of the Double Bass by Chuck Traeger -

Baxter's Database of Violin and Bow Makers (CD-ROM) -

Build a Steel String Guitar with Robert O'Brien (DVD) -

Building an Acoustic Guitar (VHS) -,_DVD,_software/Acoustic_guitar_building/Video_Building_an_Acoustic_Guitar.html

Page 64 Questions edited by Cyndy Burton

And this web-based machine shop was mentioned in our Questions column:

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