American Lutherie #85 cover s hows a recent recantation of a "D" model electric bass under construction by David King

American Lutherie #85
Spring Issue 2006
Web Extras

American Lutherie #85 is available as a back issue, click here.

Page 8 — The Irish Bouzouki: A Mandolin on Steroids by Graham McDonald
A bouzouki neck under construction by Graham McDonald Another view of a bouzouki neck under construction by Graham McDonald Here are two photos that did not appear in the magazine. They show a bolt-on bouzouki neck under construction.
Hollow bouzouki heelblock by Graham McDonald Another view of the hollow bouzouki heelblock by Graham McDonald These two photos show more detail on the construction of the hollow heelblock.
Solid bouzouki heelblock by Graham McDonald This shows a different view of the construction of a solid heelblock.
Bouzouki soundboard glued to the ribs Here is a back view of the soundboard glued to the ribs.
Drilling for a bolt-on bouzouki neck Drilling for a bolt-on neck. Note that this is a different step int he process from Photo 24 in the magazine.

Author Graham McDonald sells a book on the subject of making bouzoukis. Here is his website:
Page 20 Meet the Maker: David King by Jonathon Peterson
Three of David King's early basses More early basses by David King Here are some of David's early basses.
Close-up view of David King's bridge/tuner mechanism David King shows how his bass bridge/tuner mechanism works These two pictures may give you a better idea of how David's bridge/tuner mechanism works.
One of Dave King's clients Another one of David King's clients Here are two of David's clients.
Photo of the bass by David King that was reviewed in Bass Player magazine A review of David's bass #13 in Bass Player magazine proved to be a turning point in his career. Here's a photo of it. The black-and-white photo in the magazine doesn't do justice to the wood choice.

David King's website:
Page 30 Arched Plate Carving, Part Two by Chris Burt
Close-up view of top thickness marker holes Take a closer look at carving the top down to the thickness marker holes.
Page 37 Controlling Classical Guitar Neck Angle by Rodney Stedall
A view of the neck angle jig Take a closer look at the neck angle jig.
Page 38 Meet the Maker: Gregory Byers by Woodley White
Greg Byers in 1971 Here's a nice photo that didn't appear int he magazine: Greg at the pottery wheel in 1971.
Interior of Greg Byer's 1985 guitar The interior of Greg's 1985 guitar.
Jose Romanillos holding a Kasha/Schneider guitar José Romanillos with a Kasha/Schneider guitar.

Greg Byers' web site:
Page 46 Resurrecting the Family Guitar by John Calkin
Broken back braces Broken back braces.
Gluing new back braces Gluing new back braces.
Decorative details on the guitar top Decorative details of the top in glorious color.
Cool decal fret markers Cool decal fret markers.
Page 52 The Never-Ending Barber Chair Workbench by Michael Sanden
A view  of a Barber chair workbench by Michael Sanden Another view of the Barber Chair Workbench  
View of the barber chair pipe clamp and neck dovetailing jig This one was not in the magazine. It shows a different view of the pipe clamp vise and the neck dovtailing jig.

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