American Lutherie #87 cover shows group photo from the 2006 GAL Convention

American Lutherie #87
Fall Issue 2006
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Page 6 — A Luthier's Choices by Kenny Hill

Kenny Hill speaking at the 2006 GAL Convention Here's Kenny Hill speaking to the 2004 GAL convention. On the stage are four of the guitar models he currently builds.
Two of Kenny Hill's Fleta-styled soundboards. One in spruce and the other in cedar One of Kenny Hill's soundboards in process, modeled after a 1856 Torres A pair of Fleta-style soundboards, and a top modeled after a 1856 Torres.
Kenny Hill playing a 2006 Signature Model with elevated fingerboard, soundports, and double top Kenny Hill working on the new Reyes flamenco model in his California shop. A Hill signature model. Note the soundports. Kenny works on a flamenco guitar in the style of Manuel Reyes based on GAL Instrument Plan #53.
Kenny's workshop in China Staff of the Hill Guitar Company in Felton, California The workshop in Felton, California Kenny's Shop in China, and two shots of his shop in Felton, CA.Kenny's Shop in China, and two shots of his shop in Felton, CA.

Page 26 The Power or Circles by Michael Darnton

Outline of a Del Gesu violin Outline of a Stradivari violin Outline of a Rugeri violin Outline of a French violin Violin outlines: Del Gesu, Stradivari, Rugeri, and a French fiddle.
Violin corner by Del Gesu A violin corner by Del Gesu.
Violin neck heel based on straight lines and a circle A violin neck heel based on nothing Neck heels based on circles, and based on nothing.
The bottom of the scroll is based on a half circle The bottom of the scroll is based on nothing Michael Darnton's size 0 Martin, a Foden Special D model The backs of two scrolls. Again, based on circles, and nothing, respectively.
Page 34 Meet the Maker: Tom Shinness by Jonathon Peterson
Tom Shinness checks out a Gibson harp guitar Tom Shinness designed this from a $3 garage sale Kay with a 7-string fretless bass neck and a nylon string toy zither. Tom Shinness plays a Gibson harp guitar, and an electric instrument that he built by grafting a bass, a guitar and a zither.
Massed harp guitar players. Twenty-seven players rehearse grand finale. Twenty-seven players rehearse for the grand finale of Harp Guitar Gathering 3.
Page 40 Parametric Solid Modeling Software by R.M. Mottola
Properly labeled figures for Parametric Solid Modeling Software by R.M. Mottola in American Lutherie #87 Here is the properly labeled Figure 2 and Figure 3 as they should have appeared in American Lutherie #87.
Page 44 Meet the Maker: Rodney Stedall by Tom Harper
Rodney Stedall at his workbench in Pretoria, South Africa Here's Rodney Stedall at his workbench in Pretoria, South Africa.
A musical interlude from the 2003 South African Luthiers convention. Marvis Davis with a 10-string classical guitar James Grace plays one of Mervin Davis's "smooth Talker" guitars Pictures from a gathering of the South African Luthiers Society. In the middle is Mervin Davis. At right, James Grace plays one of Mervin's “Smooth Talker” guitars.
Rodney Stedall leopard spot rosettes Rodney's leopard spots rosette.
Abri Jordaan plays a cedar-topped Hauser-style guitar by Rodney Stedall Abri Jordaan plays a cedar-topped, Hauser-style guitar by Rodney Stedall.
Rodney Stedall plays one of his own steel-string guitars Rodney Stedall working on his back porch Rodney plays one of his own steel-string guitars. That's Rodney working on his back porch. Nice view!
Page 48 Fighting with Wolves by Alistair Fordyce
Inspection light is inserted inside Alistair Fordyce modified a cam clamp to position the ebony stack and hold i in place until the glue dries This photo shows the ebony stack that happens to be visible through the soundhole
Page 50 Fabio's Fabulously Simple Neck Joint by Fabio Ragghianti
Cutting the mortise in the neck block The plywood spline is the same length as the block Removing wood from the mortise with a chisel Cleaning the mortise with a file Cutting a mortise into the heel
Removing the wood in the heel of the neck The spline is inserted and the neck slides on Fabio Ragghianti carving the neck Gluing the neck to the body  
Some of these are alternate shots.
Page 52 Sixty Seconds or Less by Daniel Fobert
The Dan Clamp is cocked and ready to engage The Dan Clamp engaged All the components for the Dan Clamp Daniel Fobert uses a series of clamps to glue on a soundboard for a bouzouki
Page 54 The Making of a Maker by Tobias Berg
Soundboard by Tobias Berg Tobias Berg gluing a bridge o n Tobias Berg checks his own handiwork
Page 56 The “Wintonbeast” 7-string Lap Steel Guitar by David Worthy
The "Wintonbeast" 7-string lap steel guitar and David Worthy's 3 year old daughter Lucy The 7-string lap steel guitar ready to receive the back End view of the 7-string lap steel guitar  
Cute Kid.      
View of the 7-string headstock Another view of the headstock another view of the headstock A view of the back of the headstock
Four views of that unusual peghead.
Page 58 Product Reviews by Mike Tagawa
De Glue Goo is applied to the bridge wind De Glue Goo is rubbed off De Glue Goo is applied to a mahogany top De Glue Goo is rubbed off revealing a clean surface
Before and after De-Glue Goo.

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