American Lutherie #90
Summer Issue 2007

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Page 8 — Mechanical Compliance for Soundboard Optimization by David Hurd
Don MacRostie (left) and Charles Fox discuss David Hurd's top compliance measuring jigs at David's exhibition table during the 2006 GAL Convention.

Click here to download a spreadsheet (this is an Excel spreadsheet) for calculating compliance values.
Page 16 — Meet Douglas Martin by Barbara Goldowsky
Doug Martin plays his fourteenth experimental balsa violin, B14.
Four experimental balsa violins.
Three earlier experimental violins made of okume plywood.
Violin construction experiments, 1957 to 2005.
A half-size violin in balsa.
In his day job, Doug makes exceedingly sleek rowboats.
Page 22 — Taylor Today by Mark French

Visit the website of Taylor Guitars

Visit the website of author Mark French

Page 28 — Build Variation in a Group of Acoustic Guitars by Mark French and
Kendall Brubaker

Page 32 — Meet Kenny Hill by Cyndy Burton

View the website of Kenny Hill
Page 40 — Construction of the Colombian Tiple by Anamaria Paredes Garcia and
R.M. Mottola
Page 46 — Meet Mervyn Davis by Rodney Stedall
Here's an example of how Mervyn designed a decorative motif of a Bushman maiden, from graph paper, to mosaic tile, to finished rosette.
This inlay of Bushman hunters began as an ink sketch.
Guild member Ron Bushman made this guitar with a back of kiaat wood and a peghead overlay of tambotie wood.
These last 6 photos are scenes from one of Mervyn Davis' wood hunting adventures in Zambia along the Zambezi river.

Visit the website of Mervyn Davis

Visit the website of South African musician Corneille Hutten-Burger

Page 52 — “Cricket”: A Reclaimed Salvage Recovery by James Condino

Visit the website of author James Condino
Page 54 — Woodchopper's Ball by Bruce Harvie

Here's a bit of a turnaround. The version of Bruce Harvie's 2004 Convention Lecture that ran in the magazine was just a teaser. Follow this link to the full version of the talk. This is the ultimate extra!

Here's the website of Bruce Harvie's company, Orcas Island Tonewoods

Page 58 — Partial Refrets by John Calkin

Visit the website of author John Calkin
Page 62 — Product Reviews: Schatten Pickup Winder by Harry Fleishman

Visit the website of the author Harry Fleishman

Visit the website of Stewart-MacDonald's

Page 66 — Questions edited by R.M. Mottola

Visit the website of Jamie Unden's Guitar Plans Unlimited

Visit the website of violin maker Claude Lebet

Page 68 — It Worked for Me by Dan Fobert and Robert Steinegger
Click on the photo of Dan Fobert's Danco Bend-o-Matic powered fret wire roller to see a short video demonstration.
Visit the website of author Robert Steinegger

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