American Lutherie #92
Winter Issue 2007
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American Lutherie #92 is available as a back issue, click here.

Page 8 — Building with the Spanish Solera by Eugene Clark
Page 20 — Meet the Maker: Scott Baxendale by Steve Wiencrot
Page 26 — Intonation in the Real World by Mike Doolin

Here is a little movie of Mike Doolin demonstrating the sonic realities of equal temperament. Those thirds are never right.


Page 35 — The Santur by Javad Naini
Follow this link to read author Javad Naini's more detailed version of the atricle.
Page 40 — Meet the Maker: Stephen Sedgwich by Steve Andersen
Page 48 — Brace Voicing Through the Access Panel by Harry Fleishman
Mark Swanson and Harry Fleishman.      

Darrell Adams retrofits an access panel.

Mark Berry fixes a brace.

Harry revoices his guitar.
Page 54 — Grading and Curing Lumber by Bruce Creps
Page 64 — Review: Shirazi's Building the Kamache by Barbara Goldowsky
Shots of a recent kamanche by Nasser Shirazi, author of Building the Kamanche.  
Page 68 — It Worked for Me
These photos are from Allan Beardsell.      

These photos are from Mike Foulger.
Page 70 — In Memoriam: Victor Gardener by Chris Dungey

I would like to include a partial list of all the violin makers that Victor shared his tree cutting help with in the past. List of Makers involved with Tree Cutting with Victor (As memory serves me, 7/2006)

Weisshaar shop employees-prior to 1976. Not sure who they were.
Carla Shapreau
Michael Weisshaar
David Burgess
Mark Norfleet
Kevin Smith
Andrea Mages(not sure of spelling)
Jonathan Woolston(Lydia at the time was wife)
Gavin Macalister
Gerry Pare
Michael Kline
Howard Sands
Anne Cole
Robert Cauer
Roland Feller
Chris Dungey
Nancy Rohn
Paul Stevens
Pam Anderson
Michael Fischer
Paul Wiessmeyer
David Van Zandt
Steve Banchero
Tim Bergen
Janet Toon
Bill Scott
Stephanie Horton?

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