American Lutherie #93
Spring Issue 2008
Web Extras

American Lutherie #93 is available as a back issue, click here.

Page 10 — Meet the Maker: Robert Ruck by Jonathon Peterson
Page 20 — Harp Guitars: Past, Present, and Future by Mike Doolin, Kerry Char,
Gary Southwell, and Fred Carlson
Mike Doolin:      

Kerry Char:

Gary Southwell:

Fred Carlson:
Page 38 — Meet the Maker: Andrea Florinett by Greg Hanson
Page 46 — Geometric Design of the Stradivari Model G Violin by Robert J. Spear
Page 56 — Fabio's Excellent Nicaraguan Adventure by Mike Moger
Page 60 — Product Review: Mandolin Tuning Gears by James Condino
Page 64 — An Experimental Carbon-Reinforced Guitar by Peter Vilé
Page 66 — Questions edited by R.M. Mottola

Morales is a brand of Zen-On Music Company Limited. Here is a link to their current guitar product page.

Guitar making history of Zen-On on the Acoustic Guitar website.

Japanese luthier Tetsuzo Shiga has collected brochures of old Japanese guitars and made them available on his website.

Japanese guitarist, Takasi Hamada, is a great lover of those old Japanese guitars.

Another source of information is a blog of a Morales collector in Japan.

Page 68 — It Worked for Me by Mike Doolin and Mike Foulger
Mike Doolin:      

Mike Foulger:

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