American Lutherie #95
Fall Issue 2008
Web Extras

American Lutherie #95 is available as a back issue, click here.

Page 8 — The Al-Tho Design: An Experiment in Classic Guitar Bracing by Alain Bieber

Audio clips performed by Christina Mercier, Parisian guitar player, and friend of the two co-authors. The recordings were made in Mr. Beiber’s living room in one take with a Sony Minidisc and a tiny Sony mike.
A Villa-Lobos study played on guitar #8 (symetrical)
A piece by Leo Brouwer played on guitar #10 (asymmetrical)


View four FFT Spectrograms.

Page 18 — Constructing the Middle Eastern Oud with Peter Kyvelos, Part Two by
R.M. Mottola


Page 26 — Meet the Maker: Chuck Lee by Stephen Kinnaird


Page 32 — From Trash to Treasure: The Restoration of a Spanish Factory-Made Guitar, circa 1900 by obias Braun


Page 44 — Geometric Design of the Stradivari Model G Violin, Part Three: The Scroll by Robert J. Spear

Page 50 — Meet the Maker: Dan Fobert by Andy Avera

Page 57 — Accidental Exotica by Mike Brittain


Page 59 — Florida Gold by John Calkin


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