American Lutherie #97
Spring Issue 2009
Web Extras

American Lutherie #97 is available as a back issue, click here.

Page 4 — New Directions in Violin Making by Joseph Curtin from his 2008 Convention lecture

Page 18 — Meet the Maker: Michael Dunn by Jonathon Peterson


Page 28 — What is the Flamenco Guitar? from their 2006 GAL Convention panel discussion by Richard Brune, Eugene Clark, and John Park. Jeff Elliott, moderator and organizer

Jeffrey Elliott
Richard Bruné Eugene Clark John Park  

Page 42 — Meet the Maker: Graham McDonald by John Calkin

Page 52 — Restoring a Battle Axe by Roger Alan Skipper


Page 52 — A Method for the Design of the Guitar Body Outline by R.M. Mottola

Page 62 — Spherical Workboard Update by Brent Benfield


Page 67 — It Worked for Me by Charles Fox


Page 68 — Questions edited by R.M. Mottola

You can download a Excel spreadsheet for calculating shape of back braces from edge and center heights

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