American Lutherie #104
Winter Issue 2010
Web Extras

American Lutherie #104 is available as a back issue, click here.

Page 8 - Meet the Maker: Kevin Aram by Cyndy Burton


Page 20 - The Megas Touch: Violin-Style Purflings on Archtop Guitars by Jonathon Peterson


Page 35 - 1825 Pons Ainé Guitar, Paris by James Buckland


Page 43 - Charles Fox Benders, Old and New by Jonathon Peterson


Page 48 - Mandolin Soundboards and Bracing by Graham McDonald from his 2008 GAL Convention workshop

Page 56 - It's All About the Core or How to Estimate Compensation by Sjaak Elmendorp

Here is a Excel file to calculate compensation.

Page 61 - Meet the Maker: Dan Kabanuck by Roger Alan Skipper

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