American Lutherie #124 cover shows a myrtle wood ukulele by Jay Lichty

American Lutherie #124
Winter Issue 2015
Web Extras

Page 16 - Meet the Maker: Sergei de Jonge by Steve Denvir
Sergei de Jonge's bandsaw Sergei de Jonge's variation of steel string bracing Sergei de Jonge in 1985 Sergei de Jonge  and family Sergei de Jonge 2015
Lutherie in the Great White North. Another variation of Sergei’s steel string bracing. Sergei 1985 Sergei and his kids, 1997. Standing, l to r: Sagen, Sergei, Joshia. Front: Rubin, Alan. Sergei today.
Page 32 - The Bandola Llanera (and Its Cousins) New World Descendents with
Old World Roots
by Tomas Orellana
Rosette of a Bandola Guayanesa Rear view of tuning machines of a Bandola Guayanesa Inside bracing of a Bandola Guayanesa Rear view of heel of a Bandola Guayanesa  
Bandola Guayanesa      
Rosette of a Bandola Llanera Tuning machines on a Bandola Llanera Interior bracing of a Bandola Llanera Rear view of back and heel of Bandola Llanera  
Bandola Llanera      
Page 38 - Viva el Flamenco! by Robbie O’Brien
Paco Orcera Exposito and "Miss Spain" Interior bracing of a flamenco guitar by Paco Orcera Exposito Decor at the Plaza de Espana Flamenco dancers Paco Orcera Exposito using a combo scissor/tap plate presser
Paco and “Miss Spain” Ready for the back Evocative decor The premiere concert You know those special multi-tool plier / jacknives they sell for wilderness survivalists? Here’s a combo scissors / tap plate presser.
Stringing a double-hole bridge Robbie O'Brien walking down street in Spain Outside view of the shop of Graciliano Perez    
Stringing the double-hole bridge Film crew on location The shop of Graciliano Perez, on Lots of Wheat Street?    

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