Cover of American Lutherie 126

American Lutherie #126
Summer Issue 2016
Web Extras

Page 12 - Meet the Maker: Sebastián Núñez
by Federico Sheppard
Details of Sebastian’s instrument based on “the Cremona mandolin.”
Lute forms With the known Ururguayan guitarist Baltazar Benitez An old guitar with a flat top and an arched back, labeled Pasquale Vinaccia e Figli
Willem Kroesbergen’s house in Utrecht, built in 1710. The photo on the left shows Sebastian’s first room at this house, the downstairs corner. He moved there in August 1978. The other photo shows the house after many years of restoration.      
Page 22 - Tales from the Soundhole: Guitar Repair Tips and Techniques
by Alex Glasser and Brian Michael
  Convention attendees try out the materials and make notes following the guitar repair workshop by Brian Michael and Alex Glasser.
Page 58 - Toothed Planes and Scraper Planes
by Rick Rubin
Tiny teeth, and the shavings they produce. This Epiphone Seville from the 1930s shows marks a toothed plane under a back brace.  
Surfaces left by toothed planes. Surface left by scraper plane.

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