AL 128 Cover

American Lutherie #128
Winter Issue 2016
Web Extras

Page 8 - Considerations in Replicating Vintage Guitars by Alan Perlman
The Stahl #6 owned by Denis Merrill and drawn by January Williams for GAL Instrument Plan #66
The Stahl #6 from which Perlman worked to make his replica.
The Stahl #6 replica made by Perlman. Scribings of the arching of the back at the lower bout, upper bout, and along the length of the back. Profile templates of the neck and heel.  
Veneer scraper.      
Page 22 - Meet the Maker: Jeff Manthos by Pat Megowan
The Manthos family ranch house in Wyoming, 1950. Working in the Metzler violin shop, 1987. With LOH-6 helicopter, 1998.  
Page 32 - CNC in Small-Shop Mandolin Making by Andrew Mowry
Jig for sawing the kerfs into lining strips. Gluing in reverse kerfed lining.  
Horizontal side bending jig with control box. This is a mandola back. You can increase the resolution at which you’re visualizing these graduations if you leave out part of it. Here the thickest part of the back has been left out.
Page 48 - Meet the Maker: Gabriel Fleta by Cyndy Burton with Jeffrey R. Elliott
Gabriel Fleta Sr. and Jr. in the 1990s.  
Paintings by Gabriel Fleta’s mother, Esperanza Jimenez Monclus.
1968 Fleta. 1975 Fleta. Signed photo of Pablo Casals.
From left: Josep Melo, Jeffrey R. Elliott, Cyndy Burton, and Gabriel Fleta. From left: Josep Melo, Marta Alonso, and Gabriel Fleta. In the office of Gabriel Fleta. Clocks are his hobby.
Page 65 - In Memoriam: Jim Forderer
Jim Forderer (left) and James Westbrook dine in the cafeteria at the 2004 GAL Convention. Explaining the guitar collection at the 2006 GAL Convention.  
With Manuel Velazquez at the 2006 GAL Convention. At the 2014 GAL Convention.

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