American Lutherie #129
Spring Issue 2017
Web Extras

Page 6 - Let's Catch Up with Linda Manzer by Cyndy Burton
More photos from Linda’s shop.
More photos from the gallery opening.
Page 24 - Voicing the Modern Mandolin by James Condino

Follow this link to watch James Condino explain and demonstrate cutting the dovetail mortise and tenon on one of his mandolins.

Page 56 - In Memoriam: Eugene Clark Cyndy Burton, Marc Silber,
Brian Burns, Jay Hargreaves, R.E. Bruné, Jeffrey R. Elliott, and
Federico Sheppard
1997 Healdsburg
With Jeffrey Elliott.
Jeff is holding an 8-string guitar by Eugene.
With Marc Silber, in Marc’s shop, 1997. With Cyndy Burton. With Harry Fleishman.  
1998 GAL Convention
At 1998 GAL Convention. With fellow panelists Jeffrey Elliott, Greg Byers, and Gary Southwell. With Sylvan Wells, David Hurd, Ron Fernandez, and John Park.    
2001 GAL Convention
2004 GAL Convention  
With Cyndy Burton.      
2006 GAL Convention
With fellow panelist John Park. With Manuel and Alfredo Velazquez.
2011 GAL Convention
      With Monica Esparza. With Jay Hargreaves.
At GAL headquarters.        
2014 GAL Convention
With R.E. Brune.        
Other photos
At his work bench, 2012. Stringing a flamenco guitar built under his tutelage by Jay Hargreaves, 2016. At the proverbial kitchen table.    

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