Tenor Banjo
by Bill Garofalo

This is a tenor banjo I just completed. A friend gave me a large tortoise shell, and I thought it might look good on the back. I put a thin back on the banjo with a 3" hole in the center. I glued the shell over the hole with epoxy. The raised part of the shell (I think that's where the head poked out) sends the sound right at me. I also added a knee rest so the tuning hooks don't jab my leg.
Full view of the front of the tenor banjo by Bill Garofalo Full view of the back of the tenor banjo by Bill Garofalo  
Tenor Banjo, front. Tenor Banjo, back, with tortoise shell and knee rest .  

Bill Garofalo
2206 Jacobs Ladder Rd
Becket MA 01223

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