Ceramic Guitars
by Adams Greg

I had my potter buddy make four guitar bodies and one banjo pan out of ceramic clay and I added top of the line necks and hardware.

The bodies are made of a mixture of porcelain and stoneware clays that we found produced the best tone and durability combined. The construction method of the bodies is called "slab", referring to the rolled out flat sheets of clay from which the front, back and bouts are cut. The bodies have internal bracing.

The necks are attached with epoxy on some and on others the necks are screwed into a block of wood, epoxied into the body and the screws hidden under pearl dots. The necks came from Carvin and Stewart McDonald. The attachment method was a function of truss rod access.

That's a Bendetto ebony tailpiece graces the dreadnaught and a vintage style trapeze tailpiece on the tele. All the guitars have pickups, some piezo underbridge and some humbuckers. They sound like a cross between a Dobro and a hardbody. The tuners are Steinbergers or Carvin. The banjo plays and sounds fantastic and weighs comparable to my buddies old Gibson. The bluegrass players really dug the tone.

View of the inside of a ceramic banjo body. entire view of a banjo made out of ceramics. three ceramic instruments, two guitars and one banjo
Four ceramic bodied guitars close up view of a tear drop ceramic guitar solid bodiy ceramic guitar.
Adams Greg

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